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      FITNESS TIPS FOR 1/17/2001                  


Lifting To Failure Pro

When you train (with whatever method you are using) don't put 
a specific number of repetitions in your mind.  For example, if 
you say you're going to do 10 reps of a particular exercise, 
don't stop at 10 if you really could have done 11 or 12.  Lift
 each set to COMPLETE failure (with good form). That is 
accomplished more easily WITHOUT putting a specific rep 
number in your head!
Greg Jones

LIfting To Failure Con

Unless you are fairly skinny, bench less than, say, 225 x 6, or 
are under 26, forget training to so-called "failure."  Over the 
course of a few months this, along with forced reps, negatives
 and the like will just about gaurantee a halt to your progress.  
Decide first if your goal is size or strength.  For size, try sets 
of 12-15, taking 36-60 seconds to complete sets;  for strength 
try sets of 3-5 taking 10-15 seconds per set.  Two exercises 
or so per muscle group should do it, with 3 sets per exercise,
once weekly.  Most of these guys screaming about "training 
'til you puke" weigh 150 lbs, are 16-18,  and can't bench 
their bodyweight for 12, so be careful whose advice you take!
An Old Man

Lower Back Exercise

This exercise, the "Goodmorning," works the lower back better 
than any I've tried, including: stiff legged dead lifts or any low 
back machine. What you do is grab the bar as if you are going 
to squat. Get a nice roomy grip the wider the better and bend 
over till your trunk is parallel to the floor. Now bend back up. 
Now this not an exercise you want to see just how heavy you 
can go or max out on!!! But if done right it works the lower back 
tremendously. I'm feeling it right now from yesterday. It's 
great!! Ive never gotten such a lower back workout till I tried 

Workout Tips

When should I workout?  Everyday? Four days a week? Split
routine?  Well I have tryed them all!  This one I think works the
best.  The key point to remember is when you train a muscle 
you then want to rest it for two days before you train it again. 
Workout one you will train chest, shoulders, tri and abs. The 
next day train legs, back, Bi.  Then the next day your OFF. 
Then start again....So your two days on one day off ect, ect.

Make sure you only do two exercises per body part. Every 
other month change your exercises.  Example if your doing 
free bar bench switch to dumbells.

Next you ask how many sets ect?  Well the next thing to 
remember is what ever you do your body is going to adapt 

A plateau or a peak.  Well a good buddy of mine is a 
pro-bodybuilder and this is the SECRET!  Cycling...
Week 1...2 sets 10 to 15 reps
Week 2...3 sets 10 to 15 reps
Week 3...4 sets 4 to 8 reps
Week 4...5 sets 4 to 8 reps
Week 5...5 sets 4 to 8 reps
Then you start again at week one...Try it for a few cycles it 
WORKS! Your workouts should never be longer than 50 
minutes.  With this routine and information your not going 
to get burned out and your muscles are going to grow!
Jerry McKenna


Kathy Faix, Accountant, Youngstown, OH - "I've lost so many 
inches I'm almost embarrassed to say! I am wearing clothes 
I haven't touched since I weighed MUCH less than I do now! 
I've dropped a tremendous amount of fat and toned up REAL 
nice... Ask my husband Bob!" (She's lost 60 pounds of fat, 
gained 20 pounds of muscle and has two full grown children. 
All in her first 6 months!) 

Dr. Gary Eversole, Chiropractor, Las Vegas, NV - "I have 
gained almost 30 pounds on the scale and dropped nearly 
a half a foot off my waistline. I eat what I want and only work 
out twice a week. Sometimes, less than that. Don is like a 

Laurie Donnelly, Ms Fitness America Champion, Boulder, 
CO - "Don Lemmon certainly knows what he is doing! I was 
on a program similar to, but then again, nothing like Don's 
for my first year on television which worked wonders. I and 
my two workout partners are giving Don a try without a bit 
of hesitation." 

Mark Mortimer, actor, NBC Television, New York, New York - 
"I do not trust anyone other than Don Lemmon with exercise 
and nutrition recommendations. When I got on his diet, I was 
able to improve my appearance on what is considered by 
most people to be a sorry excuse of a workout schedule and 
too much food. I cannot believe how much of a difference 
separating foods correctly and exercising so minimally has 
made! There is a number of people on my show on his system!" 

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