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      FITNESS TIPS FOR 1/25/2001                  

Living A Healthy Fitness Lifestyle
Basic Principles Of Physical Fitness
by Tracy Anderson

There are four general areas of a healthy lifestyle that need to 
be discussed.  In this article I will give an overview, and the 
following articles will elaborate on each area specifically. First
 lets look at all four together.  Nutrition, resistance training, 
intense aerobics, and rest, all are very important to changing 
your life.  All four interact with each other and together can 
speed up your goals or slow them down. 

Nutrition, this is the biggest key, and is vitally important to 
your success.  All the fad diets out there just don't work, if they 
did then there would be no weight problem.  The simple fact is 
that the foods you eat are very important, but the timing and 
proportions in which you eat them are as equally important.  
If you listened to the RDA, you would get fat, or if you are 
already overweight, then you would not be able to lose fat.  
In the next article I will begin to tackle this widely 
misinformed issue and hopefully shed some light on your 
diet for you.

Resistance training, also a big one, because it is the muscle 
that burns calories and thus increases your metabolism and 
increases your ability to burn fat.  Not only does resistance 
training help build muscle, but also strengthens your bones 
and increases input from your nervous system.  The benefits 
of resistance training are so numerous that you would be a 
fool not to exercise.

Aerobics, this is where your fat stores will be used as energy.  
You will notice that in the beginning I said 'intense' aerobics, 
because if your heart rate is not elevated high enough, you 
risk burning muscle not fat.

The last piece of the puzzle is actually simple, but the fact 
is that most people don't let their body get enough of it-'rest'.  
Now, not just sleep, but mentally, and physically.  In today's 
world of 'need it now' attitudes, people just don't slow down 
and relax.  Daily on the news are reports of how over 
stressed and worked we are, but no one can change that 
but ourselves.

I hope that this introduction opened your eyes and helped 
you realize that a healthy lifestyle doesn't just mean you 
go to the gym two or three times a week.  At Lifestyle 
Fitness and Nutrition we help people everyday change 
their life, for the healthier. Realize that you have the 
ability to slow down the aging process and revitalize 
your body into new boundaries.  Even if you have 
never been in shape, its not too late! 


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