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      FITNESS TIPS FOR 2/7/2001                  

Break Out Of A Training Rut With Specific Muscular 
Hypertrophy Training 

By Dan Gallapoo

I had a conversation with a bodybuilding trainer the other 
day and he toldme about a plan that he has had a lot of 
success with.  It goes like this:

Choose one compound exercise per body part.  For 
example, bench press for chest, barbell row for back,
military press for delts, etc.

After warm ups, do your first set of 20 reps to muscular 

On your second set, double the weight you used on the 
first set and shoot for 6 to 8 reps to failure.

On your third set, reduce the weight by 25% and shoot 
for 10 to 12 reps.

This plan apparently hits all the different types of muscle 
fibers and even builds the mitochondria elements of the 
muscle tissue this results in maximum muscular 

This trainer has seen a lot of his clients grow very rapidly 
on this plan. I tried it the other day on my chest and back 
workout and all I can say is that it's brutal!

Advanced Hypertrophy Muscle Training
My Chest Blaster Program 

Before anything you must be focused!  Stretch your muscles 
to let blood flow easyly to get that REAL pump!

barbell / bench
lots of weights
Prob. a spotter

~Note all weight added from original weight~
1 1/2 to 2 min in between sets, 2-3 min in between 

Warm up nice and easy (not to easy)

Flat bench
12 reps with a weight you can ONLY do twelve times
add 50lbs  8reps
add 40lbs  6reps
FLEX! your chest
Flat dumbells
10reps as heavy as you can go
add 20lbs  4-6reps
Incline dumbells 
Warm-up 12 rep
add 30lbs  6-8 reps
add 20lbs  4-6 reps
add 10lbs  4 reps
FLEX! your chest
Incline bench
8-10 reps heavy
add 30lbs  6-8 reps
add 25lbs  4-6 reps
rest 6 days for chest

let me know how it feels training with High intensity!!!!!!!!!!!



Dr. Dave Williams, Chiropractor, Las Vegas, NV - "I have 
never read a book that surprised me like this one. Don 
has put together something the entire World needs to 
see. He has worked with my Bishop, a surgeon friend, 
my lawyer and all our families. I recommend Don and
his theories to anyone and everyone." 

Grace Grimes, model and actress, Cincinnati, OH - "I 
didn't understand it at first. I was brought up on hours 
of training sessions like everyone else. I also thought 
eating low fat and maybe using medium chain 
triglycerides (an ineffective fatty acid supplement) were 
what I needed to get into my best shape. Don really
knows his stuff though. I am living proof that proper 
nutrition and consistent, no matter how infrequent it may 
be, exercise are the keys success, weight loss, and
even goal maintenance! This program works for post 
pregnancy too!" 

Kevin Pugh, Chef, Detroit, MI - "I personally didn't think 
it were possible, but this is an eating plan that not 
only works but fits into an everyday lifestyle. I have
personally lost over 80 pounds in just four months 
and I'm kicking myself in the butt for it. I've known 
Don for ten years and I waited much too long to do this." 

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