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      FITNESS TIPS FOR 2/28/2001                  

Classic Bodybuilding for the Classic Bodybuilder

What ever happened to "The Lost Rules of Bodybuilding"

I have been bodybuilding for the past 41 years!!!

What ever happened to the mirror. The tape measure
.. and the eternal Greek ideology of perfection!!!!

All you ever read or hear about is get big, get
bigger, and get biggest!!!

The first thing you need is a mirror. This is the
only honest answer you will ever get to "How do I

Use it to make sure you are getting the body YOU
really want! Always!

The measure will tell you if you are reaching your
goals! Forget what you weigh!!

The Greeks, for all their faults, gave us the eternal
classic ideal human physique!!

To obtain a balanced male physique your neck, arm and 
calf should all be the same size.

yes really... so all you guys with 18 inch arms with
spindly legs and pencil necks take note!

Your thigh should be half your chest measurement! ..
Repeat above note!

Your waist should be twice your neck measurement!
Yes really... again!!

I cannot remember many bodybuilders that have attained
this criterion. But if it were easy there would not be
much point to the exercise right!

But, the late Steve Reeves, I think made it? He was
a classic bodybulder if there ever was one.

18.5" arms, neck and calves,  27" thighs, 54"
chest. And the hardest one, which he almost made,
30" waist!

Now that's bodybuilding with a target worth the

Sadly to say, at 55 I have the following:

17" neck, 17.5" arms, 16.5" calves, 25" thighs,
50" chest and and 34" waist. I'm almost there, and as
a single 55 year old, the women seem to think I have

Jon Bard - ex London, now living in New Orleans.

The Best Chest Workout

The best chest workout I have found is to start of doing 2 sets 
your first week doing sets of 8-11 reps to failure 2 warm up 
sets are recommended. Week 2 and 3 do 3 sets of 4-7 reps 
to failure, week 4 do 4 sets of 8 -11 to failure week 5 and 6 
do 5 sets of 4-7 sets. I have been doing this routine for 1 
year I was overtraining the 4 months before I started this 
program but I am up to 240lbs on my first set and have
gotten much stonger do this routine 1 time a week, twice 
every other week . Go heavy the first set and only take off  
5 lbs a set on addittional sets .  

Jeff Thomas

Teen Bodybuilding Routine

This tip is mainly for teenagers just starting out lifting.  I am 18 
years old, 6'1 about 190 lbs. I bench 300 right now, squat 250, 
and deadlift 250.  Ive been lifting for the last 4 years.  I thought 
I'd share this bit of advice to you guys to spare you some of the 
frustration and waste of time that most teens who are into lifting 
go through.  When I started lifting, I bought into a lot of the hype 
in bodybuilding books and magazines.  My workout was s
omething like this: Day 1: Chest, Day 2:Back, Day 3:Arms and 
Shoulders.  Granted, I went from about 130 - 160 in about a year 
with about 8% bodyfat.  My lifts went from 135-240 for bench, and 
I never squated or deadlifted EVER (boy was that a mistake. I 
stalled around that area for the next couple of YEARS. I just kept 
doing the same worthless routine over and over.  However, for
 the last 6 months or so, I decided to follow a routine 
similar to a powerlifters.

Day 1: Bench, Incline, Dips, Mil. Press
Day 2: Deadlifts, Bent Over Rows, Pullups
Day 3: Squats, Leg Press, Hamstring Curls

Focus on adding about 10 lbs to your Deadlift and Squat each 
week and 5 lbs to your Bench.  Its very possible since a 5 lb. 
plate on each side of the bar while you squat or deadlift is 
barely noticable.

In the last 6 months, Ive put on 20 lbs. and I feel massive since I 
discovered that there is such thing as muscles in my lower body.  
Now, I strongly believe that nothing builds muscle in your upper 
body like squats and deadlifts.  Barbell curls and lateral raises 
are a waste of time.  Imagine if you could Bench 350, Squat 500, 
and Deadlift 500.  You'd be massive.

I hope this helps.




A 7.5 year study done at the University of Washington School of 
Medicine, monitored changes in fat percentage and sugar 
metabolism in 110 middle-aged men. The tests showed that the 
men with the lowest testosterone levels gained the most fat.
Also that declining testosterone is linked to muscle and bone loss
and impairs metabolic health.

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