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One of the main secrets to gaining solid muscle mass is to 
increase your body's level of that magic muscle-builder... 

Testosterone...The Quickest Way to Bulk Up Muscle Mass

Of course, the easiest (and also illegal) way to do this is 
by using anabolic steroids. Steroids definitely increase 
testosterone levels...that is basically what steroids 
are...synthetic testosterone. But the gains you make 
while on them come with a price. And I'm not just talking 
about money... 

There are many health risks associated with steroid 
use...and it's really discouraging when you lose most 
of what you gained when you go off of them. The trick 
has been to find a safe, natural, and legal way to boost 
testosterone levels and avoid the side effects 
traditionally associated with steroid use.

The answer may be in stacking the best herbs for high
testosterone production while also adding ingredients 
that provide protection against estrogen increases and 
other possible side effects. Athletes are looking to this 
type of stack as a legal, natural and safer alternative 
to steroids as means to increase size, strength, and 
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      FITNESS TIPS FOR 3/7/2001                  

How To Have At Least A 4 Pound Muscle Gain In One Month 
With This Rediscovered Natural Weight Gain Trick.
By Bryan Kernan

In this article I'm going to talk about how to overcome one of 
the most catabolic times of the day for you, and turn it into 
your advantage. What is the most catabolic time of day for 
you? It's when you go to sleep. You literally starve your 
muscles for eight hours! 

You would never go eight hours during the day without 
eating a meal, but that is exactly what you do when you go 
to bed. The old time bodybuilders knew this and would 
actually wake up half way during the night; to consume a 
meal in order to prevent muscle breakdown. 

Think about it. If you are staying a certain weight right now 
then you are consuming your maintenance calorie intake. 
In order to gain muscle you need to consume above this 
calorie maintenance. The middle of the night meal provides 
these extra calories for muscle gain. Since you haven't 
eaten for four hours most of the calories will be headed 
for your muscles. If you consume a meal replacement or 
protein shake with 500 calories in it; that's 3500 calories 
for the week over and above your current maintenance 
calorie intake. This will help you gain about 1 lb. of muscle 
a week. That's 4 pounds a month ( 30 days) , 48 pounds a 
year. In one year, you could go from 130 lbs to 178lbs. If 
you can stick with it you can gain some serious amount 
of muscle weight pretty quickly.

With the new supplement technology coming out everyday 
pretty soon you won't even have to bother waking up. In 
fact, the technology is available right now, but as far as I 
know, no supplement company has released a meal 
replacement that slowly releases over an eight-hour 
period. Really a ll you would have to do is stick it in a 
time-released liposome; which would provide your 
muscles with constant food while you sleep. 

Until then though, you'll have to set your alarm clock. 
I usually pre-mix a special shake with other nutrients 
in it as well (might as well load other supplements while 
you have the chance) before I go to bed. It takes me 
about 5-10 minutes to throw down a shake. I only do 
this when I have hit a plateau in my training and want 
to put on muscle quickly. There are some other tricks 
you can do to make it more advanced which I go into 
further in my book. 

Note: Bryan Kernan is the author of "Bodybuilding 
Supplement Secrets Revealed!" This book contains
advanced supplment secrets and shows you how 
you can gain up to 15 lbs. in the next 6 weeks by 
discovering how to turn the supplements you buy 
at your local health food store into super powerful 
anabolic compounds! 

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