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      FITNESS TIPS FOR 3/14/2001                  

Creatine Usage - Absolute Best Creatine Cycling

How To Gain 8 to 10 Pounds Of Muscle Within The Next 
Eight Weeks!
By Dan Gallapoo

Some people have noticed that they have some gastric 
upset and diarreah when they start their creatine cycle 
with a 20 to 25 gram "loading cycle". And I've found 
that the commonly recommended maintenance dosage 
of 5 grams a day is just not enough for many people 
to get maximum benefits.

Here's a plan that should help you get the maximum 
cell volumizing and muscle building effects from 
creatine without much (if any) gastric distress.

Creatine Loading Cycle

WEEK #      DAILY DOSAGE (grams)
1                10
2                20
3                30
4                40
5                40
6                30
7                20
8                10

This cycle is a fairly long one which allows you to 
retain the cell volumizing effect for a longer period 
of time.  This provides more opportunity to gain the 
benefits associated with creatine usage (strength
increase, increased rate of hypertrophy, etc.)

You may not start seeing and feeling benefits until 
the third week of the cycle.  The third week is usually 
about the optimal dosage for most people.

All I can say is that this special creatine cycling plan 
has exceeded all expectations!  I am only in my fourth 
week of the eight week cycle and...

"I've already gained a solid 7 pounds of bodyweight 
and have increased my squat forty pounds!"

Almost all of my other lifts have gone up, too.

I've had moderate success with creatine use in the past, 
but nothing like I'm experiencing now.  Every time I go 
into the gym I'm stronger.  And the pumps are
 incredible...almost as good as a steroid pump!

P.S.  This creatine cycle works great while stacking it 
with "Andro-Shock" .


Morris Sullivan, Producer, Toluca Lake, CA - "I was almost 
insulted at how simple the plan is. And just when I thought 
I couldn't get any better, you surprised me again. My 
strength at age 76 has never been better. I have gained 
10 lb. even though it looks like more and I am not even 
trying to. I am a very moderate eater. I suppose I was a lot
skinnier than I thought." 

Natalie Tabarra, Miss Ottawa, Ottawa, Canada - "I have lost 
20 pounds using your supplements and following the book 
the best I can. You wouldn't recognize me from the last 
time you saw me! From 140 to 120, I look marvelous!" 

Larry Wolf, CEO L.F. Wolf, Hubbard, OH - "I was nearly 300 
pounds and literally carrying 100 pounds of excess fat 
when I met Don. He told me I could eat what ever I wanted. 
I said 'Great!' He immediately taught me how to separate 
some foods from others and while doing just that, I now 
eat whatever I want, no catches. Since then I've lost 80
pounds of fat eating and am more than ever!" 

Suzanne Clark, VP of Marketing, TJ Clark Co, St George, 
Utah - "I got on The KNOW HOW and right away, I couldn't 
believe how good the book turned out to be. I read it, 
followed it, asked you a few more questions and then was 
on my own without fear. It was almost too easy. My dad 
says he is next!" 

Alan Blair, President, alanblair.com, Houston TX - "The 
interesting thing is that while there are so many 
claiming to teach food combining or low fat diets and 
'zones' NOW I know why nothing has worked until 
Don Lemmon came along." 

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