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      FITNESS TIPS FOR 4/11/2001                  


Forearm Workout

You say that your forearms needs a boost?
Well try this on for SIZE...
Start off with dumbells on each hand, palms up of course, 
hanging over the edge of a bench, do wrist curls. ( Use a 
weight you can do up to 20 reps) then rest 20 seconds, 
grab a weight 5 lbs. heavier and do as many as you
can...rest 20 seconds, now grab a weight thats half the 
weight, now stand up, extend your arms out, with palms 
facing down, and do as many reverse as you can. Oh the 
pain!  Let it burn deep!!!
Leland Castro

Biceps Workout 

Try this its a killer workout for the biceps: 
standing barbell curls 3 sets of 10 1 min rest between 
sets with good form 3 sets x 10 of preacer curls 
3 sets x10  inclined seated dumbell curl 
3 sets x 10 strip set of reverse barbell curl till failure 
or no plates left 
Do This once per 2 weeks only.
Nazneen Esoof

Six Pack Ab Workout

Last summer I really concentrated on getting a really 
good six pack (I am a 17-year-old female), and I found 
the perfect way to do crunches that you could really 
feel the burn without doing 300 of them

First, do 15 crunches, and then hold yourself up for 
30 seconds, and so on doing 14 and 28 seconds 
until both of them get back to one, when you're 
down to about ten it really starts to hurt!!

Calf Muscle Workout

I am a personal trainer and have happened upon a calf 
routine that has actually resulted in growth for every 
single client I have put on it. It's funny because I 
started having women do it who said "I don't want big 
calves but I would like to tone them so I'll look good 
in heels". Imagine my surprise when there calves 
grew more than my clients who were trying to get 
bigger calves. Since then I have been using it in 
everyone's calf routine (except those who just want 
to tone. It goes like this:
 1. One legged bodyweight calf raises 3 sets.
 2. Two legged bodyweight calf raises 1 set.
 3. Bouncing 1 minute.
Start with your weaker leg and do as many full reps 
as you can. Go all the way up and all the way down 
under full control keeping your working leg straight 
until you can no longer complete a full rep. Then 
use your arms to pull up on whatever your using for 
support for 3-5 forced reps. Repeat with other leg 
back and forth 3 times non stop followed by a set 
using both legs together until failure then get off the 
calf block and do bouncing on your toes for 1 
minute. The first usually feels weird as you try to 
get your "sea legs" but after a few times you can 
really push and get a good burn going. Follow this 
workout 3 non-consecutive days a week with no 
other calf work. Remember the more reps you 
complete that burn the faster the growth will 
Good Luck, 
Mike Westerling.



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