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      FITNESS TIPS FOR 4/25/2001                  

Too Skinny? 

Need to Gain Weight? 

Solve Your Underweight Problem This Weight Gain Workout Routine!
by Kiwi Guy

After seeing so many problem underweight people searching for 
weight gains, I decided to put finger to key board and write this 
article. The funny thing is its so basic and straight forward, yet 

The plan is easy:
1 - write down the weights you currently use in the big exercises 
for reps. ( As a little side issue ask yourself what weights were 
you using 3 months ago? Starting to get the picture!)

2 - Ask yourself what weights you would have to be using to 
notice an improvement in your physique. However be 
realistic. Sure we all know that benching 200 pounds more 
would make one heck of an improvement, but could you really
increase it by that much!?!?!? Maybe you could but if your 
natural it would take at least 2 years and even then thats 
very exceptional. The secret is to set realistic short term 
goals. A good period of time is 12 weeks.

Work out only 3 times a week, i.e. Mon, Wed, Fri. You get 
plenty of rest this way. Remember you GROW when you

Limit the exercises you do to ONLY the MAIN exercises. 
You cant add 50 pounds to exercises like concentration 
curls, laterals etc. Also limit the amount of work you do 
for each exercise. Three to five sets TOTAL is, despite 
the many who will disagree, enough. It could even 
be TOO much. Tell me you people who disagree, how 
much have you improved on your exercise weights 

My Weight Gain Workout was as follows:

Bench Press          3 heavy 2 lighter sets
Milartary presses   2 heavy sets 1 pumping set
Dumbell Tricep two hand extensions 1 heavy and 1 light set

Bent over barbell row  4 medium to heavy sets 6 - 8 reps per set
Barbell curls 3 sets about 5 reps per set only

Squats - For these I lowered the reps to about 5 for 5 sets.
Stiff legged dead lift  3 sets (these were dropped at about week 
8 of the cycle as squats took it all out of me)

And thats the routine. Some small points: I used a reverse 
pyramid that Lee Labrada used, i.e. slowly increase the 
weights to warm up, but keep the reps moderate so as not 
to wear you out - its only the warm up remember! Then use 
the max weight for 6 - 8 reps for one set. Decrease the 
weight each set to keep the reps at around that range. This 
is the safest most productive way to do sets I reckon.

Did I make progress? Yes I did. I only used protein powder 
and  I increased my repetitions in EVERY SINGLE set for
EVERY workout for 12 CONSECUTIVE weeks. 

You'll also need to eat heaps, the training makes you do it. 
I properly gained because for the first time I decided to
make a commitment and stuck to it. The routine is good 
because its only 3 days a week, for about 1 hour so you 
still have a life.

Here's what people are saying about the 
Hardgainer's Secret's Weight Gain Workout Routine:

"I had been too skinny all my life, people told me I was light 
boned and that I would always be that way. I followed the
Hardgainer's Secret's Program and have made astonishing 
gains. It really works!!! I gained 17 pounds of muscle!"
Dan R.

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