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      FITNESS TIPS FOR 5/1/2001                  

A Quick Intro to Improving Sprint Speed 
Improve 40 Yard Dash Training
by Dr. Fred Hatfield ("Dr. Squat") www.drsquat.com

Here are some pointers that apply to all sports regarding 
improving speed. 

The Stages of Speed Training
Many sports demand speed and instant power in many 
different situations. The following stages of speed training 
lead you from a solid starting point to a definite advantage 
point. These stages are sequential, so progress from the 
first stage on through to the last.

Stage 1: Limit strength and anaerobic strength endurance. 
For limit strength, focus on lifting weights (especially 
squats), doing maximum reps to build your large muscle
groups. For anaerobic strength endurance, perform 
explosive interval sprints, using a sports parachute 
to provide added resistance. 

Stage 2: Explosive strength and functional strength. For 
total-body explosiveness, do cleans and jerks. The 
carry-over value for baseball players performing this
type of total-body movement against resistance is proven. 

Stage 3: Ballistics. In sports that require executing pivots 
and joint rotations in amazingly quick explosions; arm 
movements are widely varied. Discus, hammer, weight, 
and medicine-ball throwing pinpoint and stress all the 
different angles and ranges of motion. Practicing these 
throws will help develop both starting strength and
explosive strength in all twisting, turning and throwing 
motions.   Plyometrics (explosive hopping, jumping 
and skipping) for your legs is also included in Stage 3. 

Stage 4: Overspeed. This simply means doing short 
sprints ( 40 yard dash ) down a sligh ( 2-4 degrees ) hill, 
swinging a lighter bat for hand speed, etc. The demands 
on your body  are increased as you sprint at greater-than-
voluntary speeds, or increasing thethrowing or swinging 
speed of your arms to "teach" your nervous system to 
respond at higher and higher speeds.


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