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      FITNESS TIPS FOR 5/9/2001                  


Lat Pulldown 

Try sitting at a lat pulldown machine,backwards. I choose to 
use a wide bar handle and about 40-50 lbs of weight. Now, 
use the same grip you would when doing your lats, pull the 
bar down to the back of your neck and hold it there. Now do 
some crunches. Throw in a few twists to hit your obliques. 
Its comfortable and using the weight and some 8-12 rep 
sets will really hit you.


Dumbell Bench Press

This workout is for those that just want to mix up a routine 
that's getting boring.   You will need some dumbbells and 
a bench press as well.  Grab a pair of dumbbells that are 
close to 90% 1rpm, 60% 1rpm and one that is 40% 1rpm
or close to them.  Get the bench set up with 40% of your 
bench max now you have what you need.  Do the 1st set 
of dumbbells until failure put them down and immediately 
pick up the next pair and repeat to failure.  Set them down
and start on the bench press going to failure when your 
done go back to the 2nd pair of dumbbells and again go to 
failure, then pick up the lightest  pair of dumbbells and do 
them until failure.  Try and repeat for 1 - 3 sets resting
about 3  min. in between it should look something like 
DB press: 90%
DB press: 60%
Bench press: 40% 
DB press: 60%
DB press: 40%
Rest 3 min. and repeat if you can.
Would not recommend doing this week after week give it a 
few weeks before attempting again, and enjoy.


Hardgainer Bodybuilding

I speak from experience as a hardgainer who has managed 
to pack some pounds onto a previously scrawny frame:

If you have trouble putting on muscles, lift a small number 
of lifts hard and infrequently, and eat plenty of calories.

Try this routine, only one set of each exercise to failure in 
approximately 10 reps:

Stiff Leg Deadlift
Bench Press
Seated Row
Military Press

Do it twice a week (Monday and Thursday), then get 
enough to eat and plenty to eat.  Remember, muscle 
grows while you're resting, and the average hardgainer 
is simply the victim of extreme overtraining.



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