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      FITNESS TIPS FOR 5/15/2001                  

Top 10 Muscle Building Tips
by Matt Danielson

1. Constancy
Quitters never win, and winners never quit. Heard that one
before? Well, it holds true all the way - if you're not sticking
to the schedule, you'll never get as good results as if you
would, period. This is not to say that a rest-break when
you're on the border of overtraining is bad, but the 2-week
spurts followed by 4 weeks of rest you often see are out of
the question. If you're actually unable to follow the schedule
you've set up - not by laziness, but because of reality - save
yourself some trouble and change your schedule.

2. Positive attitude
"I can't" is a phrase you should ban from your vocabulary. If
your mind can't imagine success, your body sure won't do
the job for you. Only when you can picture yourself actually
pulling something off and come out a winner - may it be
losing 5 lbs of fat or winning a contest - will it be possible.
Did you see "The Matrix"? Even though the movie is
completely fictional, it puts some light on the incredible
power of the mind that we actually possess. Arnold proved
what focus can do to a body as well as a career.

3. Eat smart
If you want to gain weight, a moderate over-consumption
per day is the ticket, without going to extremes. On the flip
side of the coin, if you want to lose weight, maintain a slight
deficit over a long period of time. As always, the key is
moderation and sanity. Discard the crazy ideas you get
from the pro's. Stick with what is healthy and feels good for
you, and the results will come over time. Nothing beats
good ol' food.

4. Taking supplements
Protein drinks are great, since they give you a boost of
nutrition without triggering an insulin-release. Creatine
monohydrate is another supplement that most weight lifters
will find useful. A multivitamin/mineral capsule should be
the mainstay of every active person's breakfast.
Thermogenic enhancers, mainly the
caffeine/ephedrine-combination, can do wonders in getting
rid of bodyfat during a diet (given that you are physically fit
and Ok'd by your physician, of course). 
Maintain certain skepticism to the latest "miracle
supplement", whatever it is. If it sticks around and keeps
growing, like Creatine, you've probably got the real thing.
Something that was hyped like crazy for two months and
then sortof faded, is much less likely to be a hit.

5. Kill your darlings
Bodybuilders generally love training chest and arms.
Hamstrings, calves and neck seldom get the same
enthusiasm. Guess what? Over time, it starts to show!
There's nothing more ridiculous than a huge guy with
spider legs, and your first step in avoiding this is to
balance your training. A simple rule of thumb: Stop doing
what you like the most, do the thing you like the LEAST
first, and finish with the fun stuff. It's not fun, I know, but 
over time you'll appreciate it.

6. Don't neglect cardiovascular training
You need to stay in cardiovascular shape not only to stay
healthy, but also to be able to give your max when you work
out with weights. If your lungs give up before your legs
when doing squats, well, I think you can figure out what
that'll do to your overall progress.

7. Listen to your body
If your body says it's overtrained, give it an extra day of
rest. If you've got a lingering fever, back off the training,
even though you might feel almost Ok. A strange pull or
joint pain could be a sign of a more serious injury in
progress. Stop doing that exercise immediately, and
carefully try another way to train that muscle, that doesn't
hurt. There is absolutely no point in pushing yourself
through two more sets only because it's written down in 
the log.

8. Keep track of yourself
Write down what you eat and what you train every day,
preferably on an ongoing basis so that you get as accurate
information as possible. This will later give you a hint of
what you did right or wrong, when you can see the results a
couple of months later. If you gained muscle, but also got
pudgy, you will have an idea of the "calorie bandits" you
should leave out for next time. If you've grown stronger, but
suddenly hit a plateau, you can look back and see where
your training got stagnant. Without a log, you're fumbling in
the dark.

9. Remain open to new ideas
A lot of people let pride get in their way of results. They'd
rather do bicep curls with 140 lbs using terrible form and
get no results, than use 80 lbs with strict form and get
improvements by the month. Don't let the joke be on you
though. There's a lot of bad advice along with the good out
there, so be your own judge of what makes sense to you.
Try and discard things, and keep what works for you.

10. Understand the big picture
You'll live for many years. There is no "quick fixes" that'll
bring you through the whole race. Your health should
always come first, so be skeptical to any "magic" ways to
lose fat, gain muscle, or improve stamina. Only a fool 
would start a marathon by a crazy, all-out 400-yard dash. 

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