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      FITNESS TIPS FOR 6/6/2001                  

Teen Bodybuilding and Weight Lifting Tips
by Antonio Juan Maldonado

I am 19 years old and just started training heavily about 5 
months ago. My goals were mass, definition, and strength, 
mainly all aimed at my upper body. I began with a routine 
of upper body and lower body alternating 5 days a week 
(3 upper body, 2 lower body). My upper body routine was 
as follows: Bench, Incline Bench, Lateral Raises, Frontal 
Raises, Cable Rower, Lat Pull-downs, dumbell curls, and 
tricep cable pull-downs. I did this routine for about 3 months 
noticing moderate development. 

After those 3 months I received a tip from someone at the 
gym, they recommended me concentrating on core 
exercises. They helped me develop a routine which 
included 4 sets of wide grip pull-ups (knuckles face 
towards me), dips (in which I lean forward to focus on 
the chest muscles), push-ups, and the seated rower. 
At first I was sceptical but in the first 3 weeks I noticed 
more gains than the 3 months before I started using 
the core excercises. 

Not only that but I was able to cut my workout time in 
half, which allowed me to start doing twenty minutes 
of cardio and more stretching time. I have now 
incorporated hammer curls and tricep pushdowns 
but I only usually need to do about 2-3 sets of these 
because my arms are usually tired from other 

I strongly recommend  the importance and benefits 
of core exercises for teens because too often they are 
overlooked in bodybuilding and weight lifting. The 
only problem with theses exercises, is at first it is 
discouraging if you can only do say 2 pull-ups, 
but after a few weeks you will be up to 14. Try it for 
3 weeks, the difference is phenominal. 


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Attorney at Law
Seattle, Washington"  

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