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      FITNESS TIPS FOR 6/20/2001                  


Big Biceps Fast

Here's quite an effective way to increase biceps fast. I've been 
doing it for 8 weeks now, 3 times a week and I've started 
developing stretch marks on my arms where they have grown 
so fast. It's called seven's, take a dumbbell in each hand and 
with elbow's to your side bring to arms to right angles (half a curl), 
hold it for 3 seconds and lower your arm. Do this 7 times. Now 
again with elbow to you side but arms completely curled to 
shoulders, lower your arm to right angle and hold for 3 seconds. 
Do this again 7 times. Then do 7 complete curls. Like I said do 3 
sets 3 times a week and the results are, well, for want of a better 

Reading, England

Correct Form for Weight Lifting

I know this has been said by every magazine going but I see
many ignoring it....... FORM.   Can you really curl 120kg when you
don't cheat? (By cheating I mean allowing any bodypart to move 
other than the ones necessary)  You'll probably find that when you
have a training partner unbiasedly analyze your technique that you 
cheat on nearly every standing exercise.  The bad news is that
those of you who do cheat are not getting the best benefits from your 
workouts AND you're usually straining your back or knees, etc.  

Okay, enough preaching, here's what to do:  Go and put what you 
think your one-rep-max for any exercise is.  Use absoloutely
PERFECT technique, no jerking, no swinging, and no fast reps (I know 
some people say they're doing 'ballistic' movements but that's bull, 
admit it, faster reps are easier!)  Use a smooth "2 second up, 3 
seconds down" technique.  If you can still do your one-rep-max then 
good for you, if you can't then lose the ego and try using weights 
that you can workout with in GOOD form.  Good Luck.


Weight Training Split Routine  

What I recommend (and has worked really well for me), is that on 
Mondays, train chest and biceps. Hitting the biceps hard with heavy 
weights. Then on Wednesday do legs. On Friday do back and triceps. 
Training the triceps hard. This way the biceps get hit hard on Monday, 
then get a light work out on the Friday because they are used in most 
back exercise movements. The same applies for the triceps. They are 
worked lightly on the Monday with the chest, and then hit hard when 
they are fresh, and therefore can lift more weight and get stronger. I 
beleive hitting my arms hard when they are fresh has increased their 
strength, rather than training them after they are partially exhausted.

Kiwi guy in NZ. 


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almost weekly right now that I am gaining 5 pounds 
or so on all of my lifts.  Also some of the parts 
of my body I don't work hard anymore such as legs 
( knee injuries) are actually growing and getting 
some muscle. Recovery time is also cut way down 
and I feel like I could train every day. 

It almost reminds me of the old days of injectible 
D Bol and other things.
Mark Haeuser" 

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