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      FITNESS TIPS FOR 7/5/2001                  


Ultimate Chest Workout

Here's a really great chest workout. I've started using it 
6 weeks ago and have increased my bench press from 
265 to 295 pounds. here it goes: 
dumbell flies 3 x 8-12 
inclined bench press 3 x 6-8 
dumbell decline press 3 x 6-8 
flat bench press 3 x 6 
cable crossovers 3 x 10 
Do this twice a week and you'll start making big gains 
almost immediately. 
Josh Myers 

Drug Free Biceps Routine 

I have 19" natural arms (no roids). My biceps routine is 
simple. Either after your back workout or on a separate 
day, try this. Sit on an inclined bench with 2 dumbells 
on the ground beside you. Whatever weight you choose, 
do alternating curls and hammer curls. I do 4-5 sets 
once a week followed by a few sets of standing reverse 
curls. I promise this will rock your arms. It COMPLETELY 
eliminates cheating on curls. 
Ben Sheppard

Building Wide Shoulders

The appearance of larger shoulders always makes a 
person look larger and more muscular while making thier 
waist appear smaller.  If you are going to hit shoulders 
hard to make them become the cannonballs you want 
them to be then take the time to destroy your back as well.  
The muscles in the back will help make the shoulders 
appear larger than life.  So if you want those shoulders to 
be "barn door wide" make sure you work that back as
well with chins, variations of wide and close grip rows, 
and pullovers to hit the tie ins of the back and your
 intercostals.  You'll see the difference.

Building The Chest

For people that want to increase their chest size....
The most well known chest exercise is the bench press, 
regardless. But what  people fail to realize is that the 
bench press focusses on more then the chest, it forces 
your triceps, anterior delts, and certain back muscles 
to work too. What I recommend is to start off your chest 
routine with butterflies, incline, regular, and decline, 
then if you feel your chest isn't fatigued enough, move 
on to the bench presses. I say this because flies, when 
performed right, isolate your pectorals. This enables 
you to concentrate on only your pecs and promote 
muscular growth. Another great way to expand your 
chest is dumbell pullovers (especially if you're under 
18, this promotes your ribcage, not only your muscles, 
to grow and expand). to execute this exercise, grab a 
dumbell and lay flat on a bench, your head just 
touching the edge. Holding your arms at 90* angles, 
lower the dumbell to the ground and then pull it back 
over your head. It is important to keep your arms at 
90* angles to isolate your chest and lats. Hope I was
of some help, thanks.


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