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             FITNESS TIPS FOR 7/18/2001                  

Natural Bodybuilding Training

Hey, I have a few tips and workout ideas that are guaranteed 
to induce a gain in size and strength. The first tip to break 
out of a rut is to try tri-sets. This generally works best for 
arms, shoulders, and legs and involves many possible 
combinations. My personal favorite is to do front raises, 
lateral raises and bent-over laterals for shoulders with only a
10sec. or less rest between each set. Talk about killer. 
Tri-sets should only be done once every few weeks or more 
for natural lifters to avoid overtraining. 

Another tip to new growth when you've reached a plateau is 
drop sets. These work well on most exercises. My personal 
favorite is to load up the bench with a weight I can do 2-4 
times and max out until failure. I then immediately have a 
training partner (or two) lower the weight about 50lbs
to a weight I can press 6 or so times. I reduce the weight
in increments another 3 0r 4 times until I'm almost down 
to my warm-up weight. Like with tri-sets, these should be 
used only sparingly to avoid overtraining.

By the way, I am 1 6'0", 215lb collge shot put and discus 
thrower who carries less than 10% bodyfat. I use these 
intense techniques whenever I start to get bored with my 
normal workouts.
-Eric Shuty

Crunch Sit Ups 
The exercise routine I do for the ab's, is as follows.  With 
my legs up or down, both ways or just 1 way. I get a 45 
pound dumbbell,  two 10 pound dumbbells and a 5 pound 
dumbbell. First I do  50 crunches, holding the 50 lb on my 
chest, then I drop it get the 2 10 pound dumbbells and do 
another 50 or 100 (depends on how I feel that day.)  
Then I drop one of them and do 25 more then I drop that 
and get the 5 pound and do 25, then I get the 50 pound do
 20 drop that and get the 2 10 and do 20 drop 1 and do 20 
drop that one and get the 5 and do 20. By the end my abs 
are on fire, I do that every day except for Sunday, that is 
my rest day!  The 50 pound dumbbell it is just a set to 
tire the abs, but it works for me.

Safe Workout Tips

OK - here it is in a nutshell:

1. Plan your workouts on a month-by-month cycle.  For 
example, one month=heavy wt., low rep., 4 days per week.  
The next month=light wt., high rep., no cardio, 5 days per 
week.  The next month=pyramid the wt., sets of 10, hit each 
body part twice a week.  The idea is to keep your body adapting 
to different stimulus.  You can do the same thing with 
supplements (cycling different levels of creatine, glutamine, 
HMB, ZMA, whatever).  Just keep the protein, vitamins, and 
water as your foundation.
2.  If your muscles arent burning at the end of a set (other than 
warm-ups), you're doing something wrong.
3  If your joints/tendons hurt after a lift, youre doing something 
4.  Warm up before every workout - even 10 minutes is 
5.  If you cant get motivated in the gym, get a walkman, turn it 
up high, and drink some coffee if you need to.
Anyway, that's my 2 cents worth.



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