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             FITNESS TIPS FOR 8/1/2001                  


Fat Loss

Everybody quests for fat loss. I have found a way to start 
off the morning the right way. As soon as you wake up, 
drink a full glass of water. Then get ready for the day, 
shower, etc. Then eat breakfast. this gives you about a 
half hour of full on fat burning. Pretty simple, and it works.

Bodybuilding Meals

I use micronised creatine, and high protein egg albumin 
powder, and found best results using this diet.
7.30 - breakfast (corn flakes with low fat milk) & a coffee 
(no suger).
9.00 - protein shake 
10.00 - creatine
12.00 - lunch (425g tuna in springwater, drained, + 200g 
red kidney beans)
2.00 - protein shake.
3.00 - creatine
4.00 - protein shake.
7.00 - 7.30 - dinner, steak, chicken, vegies.
Protein Shake - I use whey or egg protein, that is low in 

Creatine - I don't load, because I have a high protein diet, 
but I take 2 heaped teaspoons with a glass of water, and 
stir it through. Twice daily.
My diet is purely MAX protein and low in carbs.
Mark from Perth, Australia.

Do you suffer lower back soreness after squats?

Squats are unquestionably a great way to train legs (and a 
lot else), but a lot of people seem to suffer low back 
soreness, even after warming up and using correct 
technique. Personally, I used to have mild low back 
soreness for days after doing heavy squats
(incidentally, by heavy I mean what is heavy to you). This
unfortunately means many people will avoid squats 

A few months ago I changed my entire routine, and now 
no longer suffer any back soreness - in fact my lower 
back has never felt better. The trick seems to be training 
lower back directly after upper legs. My gut feeling is
 that the Leg Curls are also useful though. The routine I 
am using for my upper leg/lower back day is:

* Squats (2 sets x 10-12)
* Leg Extensions (2 sets x 10)
* Leg Curls (2 sets x 10)
* Hyperextensions (2 sets x 10-15)
* Seated Good Mornings (2 sets x 10-15)

By necessity I train at home alone so am limited in what 
exercises I can choose. Just vary the routine I have given 
above to fit it with your own circumstances and routine. I 
also warmup/stretch before the workout, and do a bit of 
stretching/warmdown afterwards, especially for lower 

In case you're wondering, I do the Hyperextensions off 
the end of a standard bench press bench, gripping around
the bench with my legs and using a towel to help pad it for
my inner thighs. I hold a light weight across my chest to 
help add resistance (currently only about 20lbs), and 
would be wary about going too much heavier.

The Seated Good Mornings I do on a normal chair, but 
they could also be done off the side or end of a bench. 
Extend your upper body right down between your 
spread legs, keeping back straight and head up. In
fact this is virtually a stretching movement, but again 
I use a light weight held across my chest (currently 
35lbs). Again I would be wary about trying to 'go heavy' 
in this movement.

Just a word of warning. If you do now, or after trying 
this routine, continue to suffer low back soreness from 
squats or any other exercise, please get your technique 
checked by someone that knows how it should be done. 
It's not worth wrecking your back. 
John O'Neill, Australia


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