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             FITNESS TIPS FOR 8/14/2001                  


Fast Muscle and Strength Gaining Routine

If you wanna pack on serious muscle, try this routine.  I have 
been using it for 18 months and have incresed my body 
weight from 105lbs to 168lbs.
Back & Shoulders
Shoulder press
Dumbell rows
Lat pull downs
Barbell shugs
Chest & Triceps
Bench press
Incline d'bell press
decline d'press
flys (option)
Close grip bench press
Tricep push downs
Legs & biceps 
leg press
Leg extentions
leg curs
clf raise
Bicep EZ curls
Dumbell Curls
Preacher curls
This workout will pack on muscle without the use of steroids, 
remember to take your protien shakes, and and have a good
solid diet, chicken and tuna, etc.  1 gram of protien per pound 
of bodyweight or more, should be you intake of protien, and 
2 grams of carbs per pound of bodyweight.    
Go for it.
Mohammed Khan

Biceps Curl Super set.

When doing Biceps curl split up the motion. What I mean by 
this is with a dumbbell in the normal Biceps curl start position 
raise it slowly to 90 degrees hold for one second and slowly 
lower it back down to the start position and repeat for a 
whole set. Right after that you should do the biceps curls 
starting at 90 degrees and raising the dumbbell to your 
shoulders and back down to at 90 degrees and hold for 1 
second and repeat for a whole set. You will get great results.

{This same method of breaking up the motion can be used in 
other dumbbell and bar exercises.} 
Name not given

Lower Leg Muscle

Hey I workout often and notice nobody ever hits the front 
of the calf muscle! So many have huge ripped rear calf 
muscles yet flat in the front, kinda like people who only 
work there upper body and never the lower. Here is an 
easy yet productive movement to hit the shin side of 
your calves. 

First grab a dumbell around 10-25, don't need much for 
this too burn. Then sit on a seat or flat bench. Place the 
weight between your feet, holding the dumbell. Then do 
a reverse calf raise and hold the weight at the top for a 
second or two. Do about 3-5 sets at a range of 15-20 
reps.  This will get your muscle burning pretty 
good........ Enjoy! 
Christopher Perceval



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