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             FITNESS TIPS FOR 8/27/2001                  


Nutrition For Muscle Building

Lets face it, your diet is roughly 60% of your overall 
training programme. So its very important to eat before 
and after training, so here is a little something for you 
to do and its so simple and effective.

Make a small milkshake with juice or fruit, milk, yogurt 
and/or a scoop of protein powder, add a banana if you 
like post workout especially if you are packing on some 
size. When you make this mix it up in the blender and 
drink half before and half after your training session. 
This will help your body recover and utilize your 
training to the max. After a workout your body is 
sensitive to insulin which is the rapid transportation 
system that carries proteins and carbs to your 
muscles that need them to grow. 

So the bottom line is ,if you drink this before and 
IMMEDIATELY after your workout your muscles can 
start the growth and repair process straight away. 

Shoulder Shrugs

I see many people doing dumbell shrugs and loading up 
the bar and doing shrugs but thier traps never get bigger. 
Something I've learned is you can do shrugs on the 
hack squat machine at your gym, this puts all the weight 
on your shoulders causing them to grow and allows you 
to use more weight because you don't have to hold it.  
When you get to the top of your shrug always hold it for 
2 seconds this causes more strain on the muscles 
remember bigger traps make you look bigger than you 
really are. 

Increase Pull Ups

Two months ago I decided to discontinue chinning wide 
with a pronated grip. I switched to neutral grip and 
supinated grip pull ups which enabled me to attach 
more weight around my waist. With my biceps in a 
mechanically stronger position I've been able to 
overload my lats for more growth. Now instead of 
just pumping my lats with front pronated chins 
I'm building them. 

My 8 Sets of 8  Shoulder Workout Routine 

I have been doing this for 4 weeks now in my workout 
and I got to tell you it destroys my shoulders.  I have 
call it 8 x 8's:
8 reps of up right rows
8 reps of dumbbell front lateral raises
8 reps of dumbbell side lateral raises
8 reps of dumbbell bent over lateral raises
-1 min. rest then repeat-
You should use a lighter weight then normal and do not 
rest in-between sets, go continuously.  If you do this 
shoulder work-out, I guarantee you will not be able to
lift up your arms.  I love it.
Pete Murdza


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