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             FITNESS TIPS FOR 9/5/2001                  

By Oliver Wolter
X-Size Weight Lifting Software 

Welcome to your first part of the wight lifting course. 
This course was originally released in German. 
Every week there are approximately 2000 new 
participants who join this course. It is proven to be 
extremely effective and because of the good 
feedback the participants community is still growing.

This is a muscle mass building cycle, but you can also
benefit if you are currently trying to lose bodyfat. Your
metabolism will burn a tremendous  amount of calories. 
It is a part of the X-Size bodybuilding software system. 
You'll see - your first workout is of short duration. But 
this is a special high intensity cycle you cannot use 
the whole year around. It will last 3 weeks, but it is 
able to give you a tremendous gain in muscle mass. 
You will get a guaranteed gain of 5-10 pounds of pure 
muscle within the next 3 weeks. This training course
is based on the most recent scientific knowledge about 
fiber type transmission. This is not "just basic
 knowledge". You'll benefit of the most up to date high 
tech secrets that let you gain a tremendous amount of 
muscle. Be prepared to discover a "freakish pump" 
within your first training unit. You will see your first 
results fast. If you are already involved in another 
training system, I advice you that you take two days 
off prior starting this training schedule.

So - let's get started...
Explanation of the First Training Plan
The workout always starts with a so called "setup set". 
This set is also your warm up set. It sets up your 
muscle fibers for maximum growth. This "setup set" 
last about 120 seconds. The motion during this "setup 
set" is nearly static. The motion lasts 60 seconds on 
the positive and 60 seconds on the negative part. You 
must always begin with the positive part of the motion. 
(On pushing movements like bench presses - the 
positive part is always the pushing part of the motion- 
on pulling movements like pulldowns - the positive 
part is always the pullingpart of the motion). Take an 
appropriate weight for this setup set. I recommend 50% 
of your one rep maximum for the specific exercise. For
 example if the exercise is bench press and you are able 
to bench press 200 pounds one time the optimum
weight for the "setup set" would be 100 pounds.

Don't get confused if you don't understand this the first 
time - later on - I will show you an example workout
that will be easy to understand - so keep reading. 

Immediately after the "setup set" follows a "maximum 
set". This time you take a weight, that you would 
"normally" use for 6-8 repetitions of the specific 
exercise. Without a break you go over to the "minimum 
set".  The weight for the "minimum set" is the weight 
for the "maximum set" minus 30%. For example if you
 are using 100 pounds for the "maximum set" - 
you use 70 pounds for the minimum set. At the end 
of the minimum set follows a static contraction that 
lasts 15 seconds.

Training Plan
Seated Cable Rows (setup set)
Pull Downs (maximum set)
Pull Downs (minimum set)
Barbell Preacher Curls (maximum set)
Barbell Preacher Curls (minimum set)
5 minutes pause
Bench Press (setup set)
Pec Deck (aka Butterflies) (maximum set)
Pec Deck (minimum set)
Pulley Pushdowns (maximum set)
Pulley Pushdowns (minimum set)

Now - I start with an example workout - read it thoroughly 
and you'll easily understand how it works. Now imagine 
this is your workout. If you are not able to take these
weights today, with X-Size you'll gain strength fast, so 
expect that you'll be able to move these weights really

Example Workout
Seated Cable Rows (setup set)
I start with the first setup set. My one rep max is 340 lbs, 
so I take 170 lbs for the setup set. Slowly I start pulling 
the weight. That's like slow motion - it looks like I am not 
moving. After 60 seconds the grip pushes my belly. Now 
l let the weight go back the whole way to the stack. It's 
now 90 seconds since the set begun and my back 
muscles burn like hell - 30 seconds left. The set is over
- it seems like I am getting a huge pump. No time to lose
- I've immediately to start with the next exercise
Pull Downs (maximum set)
I take my normal training weight of 290lbs. I start doing 
the reps. My lats feel like spreading apart. Seven reps 
is all I can do this time. Now I've to drop the weight.
Pull Downs (minimum set)
How much is 290 lbs - 30%? Man - I should have
calculated before training. I will take 205 pounds. 8 reps
is all what I can do. But wait - there is the static phase - 
I hope I will survive these 15 seconds.
Barbell Preacher Curls (maximum set)
No rest - that's almost killing me. I will take 180 lbs. 
Wow - my biceps looks huge this time. 6 reps is all I can 
Barbell Preacher Curls (minimum set)
Next time I will really calculate the weight before starting 
the workout. Let's see - 125 pounds seems to be the 
right weight. 7 reps - not to bad - but the 15 seconds - 
okay - I will give my best.
5 minutes pause
The first pause since start. That were not even 10 minutes
- but I feel like the workout lasts for hours. But my biceps 
and my lats look unbelievable huge.
Bench Press (setup set)
Now I feel much better. Let's start benchpressing. 360 lbs 
is my one rep maximum - so I will take 180 lbs. I've to 
start with (positive phase) pushing the weight - so I've 
first to lay down the barbell on my chest. The 60 seconds 
seem to be long. It works fine. Now the negative phase. 
I lower the weight in slow motion. 30 seconds to go - no 
that's not nice- 15 seconds - I don't know if I hold this 
another second. Well it worked - but no time to rest - 
I've to go over to the next exercise
Pec Deck (aka Butterflies) (maximum set)
I never believed my pecs can look this big. I will take 
210 pounds. Wow - 9 reps - that quite good. But no 
time to rest- I've got to drop the weight.
Pec Deck (minimum set)
150 pounds should work. My chest burns but it is a
good feeling. 5 reps - more isn't possible. Oh man - I 
almost forget about the 15 seconds to hold.
Pulley Pushdowns (maximum set)
170 lbs - a good weight. The triceps are already pumped 
up. Hey - only 6 reps - I am really happy that now 
comes the last set. 
Pulley Pushdowns (minimum set)
I will take 120 pounds. Feels really light. But wait - the 
4th rep and my triceps burns like hell. Two further reps 
and I am finished. 15 seconds to hold the weight - 
That's all. 

Now I am finished. I can't believe what the mirror reflects
 - is that really me??? I've never discovered a pump like 
this before. I never looked like this - and it only took me 
slightly over 20 minutes. It's time for a high carbohydrate 
drink. It feels like my muscle have already started to grow.

Epilogue and Review

This training plan is a part of the new X-Size system. I 
advice you that you don't execute this training plan any 
longer than 3 weeks, because your routine needs to be 
cycled. With X-Size software you will get the full system. 
You don't need to calculate anything on your own. You 
simply print out the actual training plan and  X-Size 
gives you the exact weights which should be used and 
all other guidelines. But that is not all what X-Size can 
do for you. X-Size uses a build in A.I. (artificial 
intelligence). That means it makes the right decisions 
just for you. So you have the security to avoid all 
mistakes before they can happen. Not all training 
plans in  X-Size are that hard. But this is an activation 
cycle to get your body in gear to gain muscles. So if
you want to get a whole year system, I emphasize to 
order X-Size. Do this by clicking here X-Size Weight Lifting Software 

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