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         FITNESS TIPS FOR 9/19/2001                  

By Oliver Wolter 
X-Size Bodybuilding Software 

Today I want to start with an actual quote about this training
plan to help you get motivated. It's taken from a German 
Discussion Board with the permission of the author.

I will translate it for you, it's not 1:1 at every part because 
this quote is sometimes too informal ;-) :

Hey friends!

This program is the real hammer! I never thought that 
something like this is possible. I used this program (X-Size) 
the last 3 weeks and made extreme gains. My weight raised 
4.5 kg (9.9lbs) since I started (with constant bodyfat level). I 
made tremendous gains at my arms and legs (4cm (1.6 inches) 
and 5cm (1.9 inches)). Before I thought I have a bad genetic 
predisposition, but I don't believe this any longer...

Hannes belongs to the group of people with better than average 
gains. Look: Not everybody can make this kind of gains with 
this plan, because there are different phases in your body 
development. I took this routine out of the new X-Size System 
because it is more an all-round weight training course than 
others. The exact dose for the individual is one secret for fast 
muscle gains. Only a world class personal trainer or the full 
X-Size system can determine which dose your body needs 
for maximum gains. But more than 5 pounds you'll get 
guaranteed with this training plan. I don't want to make 
unrealistic claims. There was an user using the full  X-Size 
System who started at 176 lbs andafter 6 weeks weighted 
218.5 lbs but not anybody can make this fast gains. 

But I want to stop here giving you examples. All I want to say 
is - really start using this program, you will feel the difference 
within the first workout.

So - let's get started with your second training plan...
Explanation of the Second Training Plan
The second training plan is similar to the first training plan. You 
should take two days off after the first workout because your 
body needs the time to grow. If you would exercise too often, 
you would destroy all of your gains. Your body grows after the
 workout, not during the workout.
The construction of the second plan is the same like the first plan. 
There is always a setup set - followed by a maximum and a
 minimum set. There is no pause between the sets, expect the 
given pause in the middle of the workout. Sometimes it is not 
possible to go over to the next exercise this fast, probably 
there is someone else using the next machine, but try to go 
over as soon as possible. This time the workout will feel 
more easy, because the upper body is not so much 

Training Plan
Leg Press (setup set)
Leg Extensions (maximum set)
Leg Extensions (minimum set)
Leg Curls (maximum set)
Leg Curls (minimum set)
5 minutes pause
Overhead Dumbbell Press (setup set)
Side Lateral Raises (maximum set)
Side Lateral Raises (minimum set)
Bent-over Lateral Raises (maximum set)
Bent-over Lateral Raises (minimum set)

Now - I start with an example workout - read it thoroughly and 
again - imagine this your workout. Probably you're not able to 
take this kind of weights today, but with X-Size you'll be very
fast able to take this weights.

Example Workout
Leg Press (setup set)
I start with the first setup set. My onerep max is 810 lbs, so I 
will take 410 lbs for the setup set. Slowly I start pressing the 
weight up from the stack. After 60 seconds the positive part 
ends. Now l let the weight going back the whole way to the 
stack. After 90 seconds my thighs seem to explode. 30 
seconds left but I will do it. No time to lose - I've 
immediately to go over to the next exercise Leg Extensions 
(maximum set) I take my normal training weight of 270lbs.
 I start doing the reps. Five reps is all I can do this time. 
Now I've to drop the weight.
Leg Extensions (minimum set)
This time I subtracted the 30% prior to training. I will take 205 
pounds. 8 reps is all what I can do. But wait - there is the 
static phase - I hope I will survive these 15 seconds - my 
quads seem to explode.
Leg Curls (maximum set)
No rest - that's almost killing me. I will take 220 lbs. 4 reps 
is all I can handle. 
Leg Curls (minimum set)
155 lbs I have to take. 7 reps - not to bad - but the 15
seconds - okay - I will give my best.
5 minutes pause
I love this pause. Wow - my thighs look really huge.
Overhead Dumbbell Press (setup set)
105 lbs on each hand is my one rep maximum - so I will take 
50 lbs. Slowly I start pressing the dumbbells up. The 60 
seconds seem to be long. It works fine. Now the negative
phase. I cannot do this - 120 seconds is too much. I did my 
best - 100 seconds -not too bad.
Side Lateral Raises (maximum set)
I will take 40 pounds at each side. 6 reps - that's all. But no 
time to rest- I've to drop the weight.
Side Lateral Raises (minimum set)
28 pounds is the right weight. My shoulders are burning. 5 
reps - more isn't possible. Oh man - I don't like these 15 
seconds to hold.
Bent-over Lateral Raises (maximum set)
60 lbs - a good weight. 7 reps is all I can handle - one
 further set and I am finished...
Bent-over Lateral Raises (minimum set)
I will take 42 pounds. Feels really light. 7 reps - I gave my 
best. 15 seconds to hold the weight - That's all...
It's like the first workout. But this time my thighs look crazy 
big and my shoulders look like bowling balls.
25 minutes - that's all?! But I'm happy to get my carb 


Probably this kind of workout looks hard for you. With the
full version of X-Size the most workouts are a lot more 
easy. But the built in A.I. needs your feedback, to learn 
what your needs are. With a prewritten training plan, like 
this, this is all I (or anyone else) can do for you. 
Remember - with X-Size you will get better gains a lot 
more easy. If you want the best - I suggest you to
order X-Size now. Do this by clicking here X-Size Bodybuilding Software 

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