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         FITNESS TIPS FOR 10/10/2001                  

By Denie 

For more than half a century contemporary Bodybuilding 
journalism has covered the subject of calf building, one
criterion has been overlooked. All majors features in 
magazines dealing with pumping up the gastrocnemius 
which is the main bulk of the calf giving it's diamond
shape and rich lower leg contours, writers have 
conditioned our minds to believe this is the hardest 
muscle on the body to develop. And the most hated by 
trainers who don't come by them  naturally.

When you've been taught to believe this, how can it be 
any other way? Well, there is, and calves with their various
ratios of red and white muscle fibers, are no more difficult 
to train than any other muscle... what they are is boring to

Five sets, ten sets, train them all day long and than not 
again for a year. The fact is, if you want to pump real size 
into these irksome lazy muscle bundles, all you have to do 
is a few well measured sets and do them right. "Oh yeah, 
no matter how hard I train them nothing happens," many 
of you will say.

What is a well measured set? It is a set taking in the 
performance factor of velocity control. Which means how 
fast you raise and lower during the heel raise, any style 
heel raise.

The calves (lateral and medial muscle bellies of the 
gastrocnemius) are connected to the heel bone by a 
very long tendon. The nature of the length of this 
tendon and the stretch nerve receptors it contains 
cause it to be more elastic or have more elastic 
flexibility connective tissue energy potential or bounce 
up capacity. The muscle also has these factors 
contained in its core fibers but the tendon for reason 
of structure protection is the commander of operations.
Here is the hidden danger which wrecks calf training 
programs. Doing calf raises building up bouncing 
momentum in the structure, which causes very few 
reps to be performed as pure muscle contractile.
When no pure controlled calf muscle contractions 
take place, even to totally disengaging the muscle 
entirely in the final reps, how can this muscle be 
stimulated to grow?

The proper calf exercise to perform and the only 
Bodybuilding kinesiological way to perform it is this: 
Start in the low  position, raise up taking a count of 
five in velocity control to reach the top (concentric 
phase) the contracted state (hold for the count of 2).

When descending (eccentric phase) use the same 
velocity imperative of 5 or even 10 to hit bottom. 
This neuro consciously active control disengages 
stretch receptors in the tendon which cause 
natural bounce back. And the muscle bundles in 
the gastrocs achieve a level of training load they 
very rarely experience. They also start to grow as
a consequence in the in days to come and 
workouts to be done.

Serious trainers won't be doing 10 sets like this, if 
they rest 30 to 45 seconds between sets. In fact, 5 
sets of 10 to 15 will have you limping the next day, 
or any day after training calves like this. 

When you speed up your reps you enhance 
momentum elastic energy drive forces. When you 
control your calf raises  you train calves to the 
higher intense levels of the GASTROCS IMPERATIVE.

And guest what. This works the same for any muscle 
under a size building attack. And that means 
something which is a paradox if you're a muscle 
magazine mind control victim... Calves are no more 
difficult depending on your personal leverage 
potential than any other muscle on a Bodybuilder 
to plug in, and pump out.

"The Maximum Training program is the most effective 
bodybuilding course I have used. My strength is 
increasing along with muscle size!"
Walter K. Pearson
Ogden, Utah

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