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Guide to Building Muscle While Losing Fat 

"After using the fat lose book, I'm really  starting to lose
fat, a few weeks ago I felt I had some fat on my arms,
but now when I touch them I can feel like the muscle
fibers in my arms, it feels cool! 
Julian Tafur"

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         FITNESS TIPS FOR 10/17/2001                  


A different kind of excercise for the abs.

I dont know about most of you but when I did crunches 
the basic way (the same way sit-ups are done) I never really 
felt anything. After speaking to 2 guys they showed me a 
crunch that I can really feel. This is how its done. First, lift 
your legs in the air and bend them (keep them in the air 
bent). Either cross your legs to help them stay closed or 
just keep them closed yourself. Then do crunches the way 
you normally do, except when you lift your upper body bring 
your knees in too. You should really feel it hit your abs.
used to it.

King Christophe

No Rest for the Wicked

After lifting for five years straight, I have found that the 
training program I am about to descibe has benefitted 
myself more than any of the other plans I have lifted with. 
The whole concept of this program is to really work the 
muscles- to fully exhaust them and to give them sufficient 
time to recover. I belive in sticking to the basics. They 
always work. Safety, consistency, and perserverence 
with the basics has personally given me the best results.
Here's what I have found effective, which is commonly 
used and practiced by a lot of people:

I rest no longer than 60 seconds per set. At first while 
doing this, the amount of weight that I was able to lift 
was significantly smaller than I was used to. After a month 
of doing this, however, I was back to the same weight 
again.  I work a muscle once a week, giving it enough time 
to recover. This exercise program leaves you pretty sore, 
needing all that time. Also it reduces the amount of time I 
spend in the gym.

I first stretch and do a light weight warm up. After that, I 
hit it hard doing 3 exercies per body part- at 3 sets per 
excercise. With the minimal resting, it hurts bad. But I have 
not risked injury and I have done what I came to the gym 
to do- which is to work that muscle like it needs to be 
worked. And at least for myself, it has been highly 
effective and less time consuming.

Kevin Canant

Here's something I've been experiencing phenomenal 
success with in regard to bicep growth. I am a believer 
that dumbbells offer the greatest benefit than any other 
tool in the bodybuilding arsenal for enlarging and 
strengthening the biceps. The reason being is that one 
of the major functions of the biceps is rotation of the
wrist; an impossibility with a barbell. This is not to 
suggest that barbell work is unnecesarry, merely 
that in order to fully activate the biceps and in 
particular the biceps bracchialis, flexion of the wrist is 
absolutely needed. I also have noted the most muscular 
growth occurs in the biceps when a free-range 
movement is implemented. (As opposed to a preacher 
bench type of restricted movement). This being stated, I 
have devised a way of performing dumbbell curls in 
which I regularly achieve a massive pump and 
ever-increasing strength in each workout. Sit on a bench 
designed for behind-the-neck presses which preferably
has an elevated foot support. Grasp a dumbbell in one 
hand and with the other, grasp the barbell support bar.
Bracing with the support arm, lean slightly in the 
direction of the working arm, making sure to keep the 
arm close to, but not touching, the torso. At a moderate 
tempo, forcefully curl the DB upward and outward, with 
the pinky higher than the thumb. Keep the wrist relaxed 
throughout the curl and squeeze the muscle with 
everything you've got at the top. Control the negative!!!!! 
This is perhaps the most important part. It's the stress of 
eccentric portions of any movement that contribute to 
the lion's share of growth. No swinging the weight 
around. The weight you use is not as important as the 
perceived stress the muscle receives. After doing one 
arm switch to the other and repeat the sequence. My 
suggestion is one relatively light set to prepare the 
arms for the torture of the real work. By "real work" 
I'm not talking about a marathon of sets-just enough to 
stimulate the muscle. Do your warmup and immediately 
perform a heavy set to failure-assisting with the 
bracing hand at the point of being physically incapable 
of another clean rep. Not just when discomfort sets in.
At the next workout, which should be a full week later, 
try to increase either your rep count with the same 
weight or to increase poundages by 2 or 3 pounds.
That's it for now. Stay tough!!!!!!!

Justin Keyser


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Walter K. Pearson
Ogden, Utah

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Matthew Wheatley
Fredericksburg, VA

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