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         FITNESS TIPS FOR 10/24/2001                  

Quadriceps Murder Workout
by Tim Rege

If you really want to build up your quads, then you
should try this routine I developed called quadriceps
murder. The name may sound harsh, but after you try
this for the first time, I promise your legs will be
in serious pain.

You start out this simple building and strengthening routine 
by doing about 7-8 sets of squats (15,12,10,8,6,4,2 or 15,12,
10,8,8,6,6), adding weight each set to equate for the drop 
in reps.

95 x 15
120 x 12
145 x 10
170 x 8
185 x 6 (170 x 8)
200 x 4 (190 x 6)
210 x 2 (190 x 6)

You should put a 5 or 10 lb. plate under each of your
heels to put further emphasis on the quadriceps. Your 
feet should be about 12-15 inches apart tops. Don't rest
too long between sets or reps. Make sure you keep your
knees pointing forward, back straight, that you don't
bounce out of the bottom position, and that you go
down past 90 degrees every rep.

Right after your last set of squats, do a warm-up set
of about 10 leg extensions. After that, do four more
sets of leg extensions (8,8,7,7), increasing in weight
for the third set. The real kicker is that you must do
the reps continuously, use proper form, squeeze your
quadriceps every rep, and don't rest more than 25-30
seconds between each set, including the squat/warm-up
rest. Example:
95 x 10
125 x 8
125 x 8
135 x 7
135 x 7

By the last set of extensions, you will be wincing in
pain if you've done everything right.  After you are
done with the last set of leg extensions, get up and
try to walk.  If you can walk normally before 15
seconds the first time you try this, you either didn't
use enough weight, rested too long between sets or
reps, didn't use proper form, or did something else wrong.

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