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           Truly Huge Fitness Tips
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Actual Success Stories from "Ordinary" Physical Fitness 
Athletes  using the New X-Size Program
*the success stories are translated 1:1 from the German 
language originals 

"My body grows like crazy. I have already won 7 kg (15.5 lbs) 
of muscle mass within the first 4 weeks. I also have  lost 
some body fat, all my pants fit around the waist again!"

[after 4 months] "Believe it or not, I put on additional 
19 kg (42 lbs) of pure muscle. That means I put on 
26kg (57.3 lbs) at all. Friends I didn't see the last time, didn't 
recognize me at first. I really mutated from a skinny guy to 
an athlete. I never believed that this is possible. But I also 
see a downside at this, I had to buy a complete new 

Frank S.
Oldenburg, Germany

"...couldn't believe it. I always thought such successes 
would be reserved to these who maltreat himself in the 
gym hours by hours. However, my job permits me neither 
a strict diet nor daily training... I have had completely 
enough time and lost easily 5 kg (11 lbs) of fat by ease ... 
... I finally have had enough time for my family again! "

[after 4 months] "...now stopped to progress weights. I 
don't want anymore muscles, because I don't want to 
look like a Huge Bodybuilder. My body looks the way I 
always wanted to....so it's time again to say thank you..."

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      FITNESS TIPS FOR 11/14/2001                  



With resistance weight training you can accomplish a myriad 
of things: you can lose weight, gain strength, (both muscular, 
bone and connective tissue) improve your cardiovascular 
health (your heart is your most important muscle) prevent 
disease, increase mobility, lower your cholesterol, reduce 
stress, increase your energy level, combat the aging 
process and most importantly to people, enhance your
appearance (shape and tone). In short, without overstating 
the positive effects,  we believe a significant way to increase 
the overall quality of your life is through an exercise program 
with the emphasis on resistance weight training. 


It is the form of exercise which uses some type of resistance 
to challenge the muscles to adapt and improve either in 
strength or endurance. This adaptation occurs at the cellular 
level in the muscle fiber. For the cave man it meant moving 
trees and stones. For us (slightly) more advanced homo 
sapiens there are many different choices. Your options 
include the use of barbells, dumbbells, free weights and 
machines. There  are machines that use weight as 
resistance; there are machines that use water as resistance; 
there are even machines that use hydraulics as resistance. 
For our discussion, we will deal with machines that use 
weights as their form of resistance.


You have all heard of Nautilus, Cybex and Bodymaster; these 
are the three largest manufacturers of commercial-grade 
equipment. There is also a combination of  machines and free 
weights, which are plate-loaded machines. Hammer Strength 
is a good example of such equipment. So which type of 
equipment is the most effective to accomplish your goals? 
What type of equipment will cause my body to adapt? Should 
I use machines, free weights, or trees and stones? 

Your muscles will not know the difference. All weight 
equipment offers a type of resistance. The important thing is 
that you focus on working the muscle, not lifting the weight. 


The most important concept in a weight training program is 
PROGRESSION. To make changes in your body you must 
continue to challenge the muscles by gradually but 
consistently increasing the load placed on them. This is 
where one of the basic tenets of training comes to light--the 
S.A.I.D. principle. The Specific Adaptation to Imposed 
Demands principle means that your muscles will adapt only 
to the demands placed on them. Therefore, for continued
improvement, you need to place ever  increasing demands 
on your muscles. You can do this by adding an extra 
repetition, increasing the weight lifted, or shortening the 
rest intervals. All three of these techniques are examples 
of progression.

We cannot overemphasize the importance of making 
some type of progress. When you train you always need 
to push yourself further or harder than the comfort zone. 
What this means is that your attitude toward your 
training is the single most limiting factor in your progress. 
To achieve any and all of your goals, you must be able to 
push yourself harder than you have ever pushed before.


By systematically challenging your muscles, you cause 
changes to occur at the cellular level. These changes 
involve an increase in the size and/or number of muscle 
fiber (mitochondria and myofibril). As the myofibrils (or 
contractile fibers) of the muscle increase in size, the 
muscles grow larger (hypertrophy). And the mitochondria 
will increase in number, thus increasing the muscle's 

Weight training also instigates changes in your connective 
tissues (tendons and ligaments) and increases your bone 
density. These beneficial changes improve your overall 
fitness, making every day tasks easier to perform. As your 
body grows stronger, your posture will improve (thus 
improving your overall appearance). 

Weight training combats the effects of aging (such as 
decreased mobility, joint instability, loss of calcium from 
your bones, and loss of muscle tissue). Because 
osteoporosis is a major concern for women, weight 
training should be included in their exercise programs. 
Only weight training has proved to retard these effects of 
aging (not running, walking, swimming, or biking--just WEIGHT 


Another positive effect of training with weights is the increased
capacity of the heart muscle. Your heart is your most 
important muscle. By increasing the size and strength of the
 heart muscle (and subsequently the volume of blood it is able 
to pump through your body), the heart becomes more 
efficient. Weight training also causes the body  to produce 
more high density lipoproteins (HDL -- the good cholesterol), 
thus increasing your HDL to LDL (bad cholesterol) ratio. 
Keeping your heart working at peak  efficiency should be a 
cornerstone for any type of exercise program.


Weight training also improves your body's aerobic and 
anaerobic energy systems. Aerobic activities utilize oxygen 
which is circulating in the blood and tend to be of longer 
duration (such as jogging 3 miles). Anaerobic activities, on 
the other hand, usually involve shorter, more explosive 
periods (like sprinting 50 yards) in which oxygen demands 
of muscles are so high that the muscles use internal 
metabolic processes for oxygen. Both of these systems 
benefit from weight-training.


As you start a weight-training program, keep in mind that 
it is your percentage of body fat and NOT your weight that 
is important. For example, a person who weighs 200  lbs. 
and is 30% body fat will look soft and fat. Whereas a 
person who weighs 200 lbs. and is 10% body fat will look 
muscular and lean. Because muscle weighs more than fat, 
the scale is not an accurate instrument for measuring 
your level of fitness.


Remember that the focus of your weight-training program 
will be to work the muscles, not to move the weight. Don't 
let yourself fall into the trap of trying to see how much 
weight your muscles can push. The important thing is to 
position yourself in a biomechanically advantageous 
position on every rep for every exercise.

Weight training will improve your cardiovascular 
conditioning, strengthen your muscles and sculpt your 
body into the best shape that your genetics allow. 

Remember, your progress will be directly proportional to 
your efforts.

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stimulated both slow and the all-important fast twitch 
muscle fibers, while Dianabol only stimulated the slow 
fibers! I think it's safe to say that yes, there are anabolic 
steroids and growth hormones in existence that are more 
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