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Actual Success Stories from "Ordinary" Physical Fitness 
Athletes  using the New X-Size Program
*the success stories are translated 1:1 from the German 
language originals 

"My body grows like crazy. I have already won 7 kg (15.5 lbs) 
of muscle mass within the first 4 weeks. I also have  lost 
some body fat, all my pants fit around the waist again!"

[after 4 months] "Believe it or not, I put on additional 
19 kg (42 lbs) of pure muscle. That means I put on 
26kg (57.3 lbs) at all. Friends I didn't see the last time, didn't 
recognize me at first. I really mutated from a skinny guy to 
an athlete. I never believed that this is possible. But I also 
see a downside at this, I had to buy a complete new 

Frank S.
Oldenburg, Germany

"...couldn't believe it. I always thought such successes 
would be reserved to these who maltreat himself in the 
gym hours by hours. However, my job permits me neither 
a strict diet nor daily training... I have had completely 
enough time and lost easily 5 kg (11 lbs) of fat by ease ... 
... I finally have had enough time for my family again! "

[after 4 months] "...now stopped to progress weights. I 
don't want anymore muscles, because I don't want to 
look like a Huge Bodybuilder. My body looks the way I 
always wanted to....so it's time again to say thank you..."

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      FITNESS TIPS FOR 11/14/2001                  

This plant extract can increase performance and muscle mass.

By Bryan Haycock, M.SC., C.S.C.S. 

Some of the greatest athletic achievements of the past century 
have come from the former Soviet Union and other countries of 
the Eastern Bloc. The training methods and practices of the 
government-run programs were closely kept secrets. Once 
the Cold War was over and the walls of communism began to 
fall, however, many of these secrets of the Eastern Bloc 
leaked out. Not only did we learn about their training 
practices but also of their experimentation and use of 
ergogenic aids to enhance sport performance. One of these 
secrets is the use of an extract from the Rhaponticum 
carthamoides plant. The active ingredient in Rhaponticum 
carthamoides is a compound called 20-hydroxyecdysone. The 
Russians classified it as an “adaptogen” because it enabled 
animals to resist the effects of physical stress. This may 
sound a lot like the way they classified ginseng, but don’t be
too quick to judge: The effects of 20-hydroxyecdysone far 
exceed those of ordinary ginseng. 

Twenty-hydroxyecdysone is a phytoecdysteroid, which is a 
type of phytosteroid. Phytosteroids are compounds that 
come from plants that have a steroidlike structure. 
Ecdysteroids were first discovered by a scientist named 
Peter Karlson in 1950. Scientists have since isolated more 
than 100 ecdysteroids, many of which occur not only in 
plants but also in insects. In fact, ecdysteroids are even 
found in viruses, as well as in parasitic worms and 
crustaceans (lobsters, crabs, etc.). 

Ecdysterone and Athletic Performance

Research has been done to explore the effects of 
phytoecdysteroids in mammals. Considering the structural 
similarity between plant steroid molecules and animal 
steroid molecules, it was speculated that these ecdysteroids 
might have hormonal effects in animals. To explore the 
“myotropic” (muscle-promoting) effects of ecdysterone,
 researchers tested two groups of animals, one using 
ecdysterone and the other using Russian dianabol (Dbol). It 
was shown that “ecdysterone, possessing a wider spectrum 
of the anabolic action on the contractile proteins of the 
skeletal muscles, exerts a more pronounced influence on 
physical endurance” than dianabol.  Now, that is a strong 
statement! Not only did the ecdysterone have a more 
pronounced effect on muscle performance, it also increased 
protein synthesis in a variety of slow- and fast-twitch fibers, 
whereas the dianabol only induced protein synthesis in 
slow-twitch fibers. 

After these promising results in animals, human trials were 
soon to follow. A study using 117 speed skaters showed that 
supplementation with ecdysterone increased total work 
capacity, VO2 max and body weight. Another study involving 
112 athletes demonstrated that within five days of taking 
ecdysterone, a reduction in over- training symptoms, such 
as fatigue, apathy and declining performance, was reported 
in approximately 90% of the athletes taking the supplement. 

Ecdysterone and Muscle Growth

I’m sure many of you are just as interested, if not more so, in 
muscle growth as you are in performance. Ecdysterone has 
also been shown to be a powerful anabolic in muscle tissue. 
In a study done at the Czech Academy of Sciences, quail 
were fed either the seeds of Leuzea carthamoides (known
 to contain ecdysterone) or a pure extract of ecdysterone 
from the seeds. They were able to show a dose response to 
the anabolic activity of ecdysterone, resulting in a 115% 
increase in body mass of the birds fed the pure extract. 
These same anabolic effects have also been documented 
in mice and rats. 

Of course, no one can expect you to believe that animal 
research guarantees that a supplement will work for you 
and me. Fortunately, human research with ecdysterone is 
also promising. In a study published in Scientific Sports 
Bulletin, researchers were able to show significant effects 
of ecdy-sterone on muscle mass and fat loss when combined 
with protein. Seventy-eight highly trained athletes were given 
either placebo, protein or ecdysterone with protein. The c
ombination of ecdysterone and protein resulted in up to a 
13% reduction in body fat and a 6% to 7% increase in muscle 
tissue. This was within a period of only 10 days. Later, 
researchers were able to show significant anabolic and 
fat-loss effects of ecdysterone during three weeks of training. 

What makes ecdysterone even more attractive is that it does 
not work through the endocrine (hormone) system. In other 
words, although it is anabolic like testosterone, it does not 
affect testosterone levels or work through testosterone 
receptors. This was both interesting and perplexing to early 
Russian scientists. Researcher V.N. Syrov of the Academy of 
Sciences of the Republic of Uzbekistan, who was involved in 
many of the ecdysterone studies, was able to show that 
ecdysterone does not increase the level of mRNA or 
blueprints for protein as testosterone does, but instead 
increases the rate of ribosomal activity. Ribosomes are 
cellular proteins that actually hook amino acids together to 
form new proteins. This has the effect of enabling the muscle 
cell to “work faster” to put amino acids together into protein 
chains.In addition to increasing performance and muscle mass, 
phytoecdysteroids have been shown to have beneficial 
effects on insulin sensitivity, arrhythmias and red blood-cell 
count. Clearly, phytoecdysteroids have tremendous potential 
as a dietary supplement. 

More Potent Than Ever Before

There was a time when extracts of ecdysterone were very 
weak, containing only about 10 to 12 mg of active ingredient 
per capsule. Today, the extracts have increased in potency 
up to 97% ecdysterone. This makes a tremendous difference 
in the effectiveness of phytoecdysteroids. To take advantage 
of this greater ability to synthesize proteins, an athlete must 
consume a high-protein diet and train intensely with heavy
 weights at the gym. This will serve two purposes: The high 
protein diet will ensure that there are plenty of amino acids 
available for the busy ribosomes, and the heavy training will 
guarantee that there are blueprints in the form of mRNA 
floating around for the ribosomes to work from. 

Ecdysterone is a valuable addition to the supplement 
market. There are more sports-nutrition options with real 
potential today than at any other time in history, so it’s an 
exciting time to be an athlete. With the right diet and 
training program, high-potency ecdysterone will take your 
muscle growth to a new level. 

Get the Most From Your Ecdysterone

Eat adequate protein. Try to get at least 1 gm of protein per 
lb of body weight per day while using ecdysterone supplements. 
Never miss your post-workout protein drink. This is the time 
when protein is used most extensively for muscle protein 
synthesis. Keep your weight loads heavy. Use rep ranges of 
6 to 8 while supplementing with ecdysterone. This will ensure 
that the boost in protein synthesis leads to real increases in 
muscle size and strength. Consume adequate calories. Eat 
at least 12 cal per lb of body weight each day. 

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