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      FITNESS TIPS FOR 11/28/2001                  
by Tracy Anderson
Lifestyle Fitness and Nutrition

Reps performed in a set can vary depending on what 
you want to achieve. I've experienced that everyone has their 
own different rep range standards that they follow. However, in 
an attempt to standardize the rep ranges I've established the rep 
When setting up training programs you must look at 
certain factors in recommending reps. Low (3-6) reps and heavy
weight used to increase strength and density of the muscle can 
be very effective. Many of you may occasionally utilize the 
overload principle of muscular strength training. Basically, this 
type of training requires the performance of reps until failure. 
Force the muscle to work until the last one or two reps are 
completed. In other words, if you do 100 lb. on the bench for 10
reps, but the ninth and tenth reps are extremely taxing to the 
muscle, muscular strength will be increase. One way of breaking 
through a training plateau involves an "overload," which will 
utilize 10-50 pounds over the clients 1 rep max. Yes, an active, 
hands-on spot is required with this type of set. The objective 
here shifts to resetting the golgi tendon of the primary joint.
Now you should not be doing low reps all year round. Low 
reps will cause the body to use 90-100 percent of its strength 
capacity while handling heavy weights.

Using heavy weights without lighter weights cycled 
into the program can subject you to a multitude of injuries 
(primarily tendon, ligamentous and/or joint related injuries). 
Cycling lighter weights with moderate reps (6-8) can offer 
great advantages to all types of programs. By using this rep
 range it allows the body to use 70-85 percent of the total 
strength capacity. This means recuperation levels will be 
higher and so the you will not be subject to "burnout" or
injuries as often as using 90-100 percent of the body's total
strength capacity. This moderate rep range can still 
stimulate the muscle fibers enough to increase density and 
strength without using maximum weight.

Using reps around 6-8 can produce muscle tone and 
size, while producing better muscular endurance. Normally, this
rep range allows the client to use 60-75 percent of their total 
weight poundages. 10-15 reps may initiate the utilization of fat 
for energy. Obviously, as the repetitions go up, the need for fat 
utilization increases. So the next question is how many reps is 

High rep training of 30-100 will maximize the demand 
upon the red muscle fiber. Some added benefits of high rep 
training include; increase capillary vascular network, internal 
stretch upon muscle fascia, and giving the tendons and 
ligaments somewhat of a break. This type of training is also 
quite complimentary for a person who wants to increase their 
body mass. Of course you would only train with high reps 
every third or fifth workout for the given body part.

Rep Range Relative to the Muscles:

3-6 Reps with heavy weight:
* should be used only if you want to maximize strength and 
density of muscles
* using 3-6 reps allow you to use 80-100% of your total 
* this rep range is normally used for compound movements 
like the bench press, deadlift, and squat
* target muscle fiber is the white type IIA and IIB
* also a 1 rep Max may help with the increase of strength

6-8 Reps with moderate weight:
* should be used to maximize muscle size
* using 6-8 reps allows you to use 70-85% of your poundage's
* this rep range can be used with all types of exercises
* target muscle fiber is the white type IIA

30-100 Reps with light weight:
* should be used to increase muscle tone and endurance
* great compliment to any workout
* target muscle fiber is the Red type I

Actual Success Stories from "Ordinary" Physical Fitness 
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"My body grows like crazy. I have already won 7 kg (15.5 lbs) 
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some body fat, all my pants fit around the waist again!"

[after 4 months] "Believe it or not, I put on additional 
19 kg (42 lbs) of pure muscle. That means I put on 
26kg (57.3 lbs) at all. Friends I didn't see the last time, didn't 
recognize me at first. I really mutated from a skinny guy to 
an athlete. I never believed that this is possible. But I also 
see a downside at this, I had to buy a complete new 

Frank S.
Oldenburg, Germany

"...couldn't believe it. I always thought such successes 
would be reserved to these who maltreat himself in the 
gym hours by hours. However, my job permits me neither 
a strict diet nor daily training... I have had completely 
enough time and lost easily 5 kg (11 lbs) of fat by ease ... 
... I finally have had enough time for my family again! "

[after 4 months] "...now stopped to progress weights. I 
don't want anymore muscles, because I don't want to 
look like a Huge Bodybuilder. My body looks the way I 
always wanted to....so it's time again to say thank you..."

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