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         FITNESS TIPS FOR 12/12/2001                  


Preacher Curls, Hammer Curls and Dumbell Bicep Curls

I've been working out steadily for 4 years, constantly
changing and improving my routine.  One minor
adjustment I made in my bicep routine ended up peaking
my biceps into a well cut, strong and defined muscle,
instead of a large and clumsy bicep. It's called
"pinky's high".  It involves turning your wrists
inwards and raising your pinkies so that you are
squeezing that bicep muscle even before you raise the
weight.  Two points to be aware of: 1) keep your
pinkies turned inwards and up; 2) keep your biceps
tight throughout the entire excercise. This method of
bicep training can be used either during preacher
curls, hammer curls or jusr plain dumbell curls. In a
matter of 6 months, it added a whopping 2 inches to 
my bicep.  Give it a whirl, you'll feel the absolute 
demolition the day after!
Charles Malcolm 

Weekly Workout Routine

 I have stumbled onto a workout routine that is working 
great for me and I hope it will work well for others also.  I
have cut my workouts down to 2 days and once in a while 
I add 3 days.  They are as follows. Day 1 is either a leg 
workout and or day 2 is back, chest and shoulders..  Now 
every week I alternate the workouts so on tue is workout 1 
and Friday is workout 2, then the next week I change the 
workouts around.  I add in once in a while days were I do 
neck and forearms and every workout day I do abs.  Also 
on back and shoulders and chest day I do 2 sets of negative 
chins, for the biceps.  Triceps are hit on all the other workouts.

This routine has helped me greatlly.  Now I did not add any 
preset exercise and or reps since I change the exercises 
every workout and the rep ranges so as to hit every muscle 
fiber groups, that I possibly can.  Also the rep ranges I go 
from 4 reps up to 15 reps it depends on how I feel that day!
I also use, Bryan Kernan's - How to gain up to 15 lbs. of muscle 
in 6 weeks using potent "homemade" supplement stacks and 
mixes . 
See https://www.trulyhuge.com/SupplementSecrets
The combination of the workouts and the formulars have worked
great, for me!
Louis Scruivani

Biceps Pain

A great exercise that i have found to create an intense burn to 
finish off your bicep workout is by grabbing a 45lb. plate and 
holding both sides like a steering wheel at 9 and 3 o'clock, and 
doing hammer curls. I do sets of 20-25. This is a great exercise
to superset or just do alone to get an amazing pump before you 
leave the gym. Do a couple sets of these babies and you'll be 
good to go.
Josh Duke

Low Carb Bodybuilding

I know for many of you who are seriously into bodybuilding, and on 
a high protein, low carb diet, that meals tend to get boring. The 
same old meal of tuna, chicken breast etc gets pretty bland.

Here's another idea I have.

Scrambled egg whites, with ham and tomato.

* 1/2 litre of frozen egg whites (thawed).

* 500g shaved adelphi ham.

* 1-2 medium tomatoes.

* low fat cottage cheese or low fat cheese (optional).

1. get your wok and heat it up. Add the egg white, ham, tomatoes 
and cottage cheese or low fat cheese if you want.

2. stir, and continue to stir / blend untill the mixture solidifies - 
about 6-7 minutes, depending how runny / firm you want it.

I usually eat 1/2 what I just cooked for lunch and half in the 
afternoon. In total there is about 80-90g in the total meal, so 
you are looking at 40-45 g per serve.

Sometimes instead of ham and tomotoes I add corn, broad 
beans, peas. 

Days when I do my legs, and need some more carbs, I add 
1/2 cup of low glucemic rice to the scrambled egg whites!

Sure beats tuna in springwater every day!
Mark Giardini 


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