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         FITNESS TIPS FOR 1/19/2002                  

By Denie  

Tapping the energy within and directing it with time to reach 
any goal creates success...when you believe in the principle 
you apply. And that principle is based on correct physics and 
motivational logic and drive forces. 

Progressive weight and resistance training dates back 
thousands of years. A probably 6000 years according to some 
historians...long before adjustable weight plate loading 
barbells found their male/female symbolic interactions...or 
muscle magazines and most modern training concepts were 
developed. One of the earliest strength from applied 
resistance stresses ideas which led to today's progressive 
concepts is attributed to Olympiad (6 times) super wrestler 
Milo of Croton.  As a young man around 550 B.C.E. or so. 
Milo reasoned while living in his agricultural society of the 
day...and proved his point : What would happen if you lifted 
a small calf everyday until it grew to the size of a complete 
grown bull (ox). This concept made him into one of the 
strongest athletes in the history of the known world of 
that day. Because he did just that. And in the Athletic 
Stadiums of that time, Milo would parade his power when
not wrestling or fighting wars by walking the full length of 
the grounds with a fully grown ox draped over his shoulder 
girdle much life a contemporary squat bar. Progressive 
resistance training may stem from this idea as a contributing 
origin. In the early and mid 20th Century this Bull lifting 
concept was also used by various strongmen farmboys...
who went to County Fairs and Circus Side Shows as 
strongmen performers. What's interesting about this 
primative concept is it can be applied to a barbell very 
effectively. If you select a specific training movement and 
or weak bodypart and apply it in the following way.

While you still train as usually...you select one move that
you want to use...this is a 'secret move' that you perform 
everyday for 8 easy reps with no strain. You will need the 
following: 1 1/2 or 1 1/4 pound plates....
VERY IMPORTANT: Large hardware washers which fit the bar. 
Usually these washers weigh about 8 ounces per six (weight 
them to make sure). You should have about 18-24 which cost 
about 60-75 cents a piece. To get the eight ounce load place 
three on each side. Strap on wrist weights that can weight in 
one pound jumps up to 5 pounds will also work when strapped
around the bar inside by the collars.

You reason with yourself...If the muscle I'm working is this size 
and it can handle this amount of weigh....when it can contract 
with 50-100 pounds more-it will be so much more massive.

1. You do the exercise you chose everyday...adding 8 ounces....
via the proper amount of washers on each side of the bar. 
And evenually translate that into weight plates as you
plateau up in poundages. 

2. The weight will never feel heavy because your
nervous system will not detect such a minute change in 
resistence when using large muscle masses to lift with.

3. This exercise is 'never' included in your training
routine. It's best done in the morning to get it out of the 
way....and never as part of the regular workout.

4. You may miss doing this single set if necessary once 
every 7-10 day. You can miss regular workouts for whatever 
the reason...but must do this one set always adding 8 ounces. 
Even if you do miss your regular workouts-it won't bother 
you. Why ? That one set move isn't missed...and you're still 
making progress even though our regular worked was missed 
for some reason.

5. No matter how you train...one thing will stand out a specific 
change of power and size is taking place and you're moving 
forward...and therefore will always be satisfied with yourself. 
At some point in the regular general workout...you'll notice a 
change in perfomance because of what that one set is making 
happen in the structures involved.

6. This method should only be applied to one movement...even 
though logic may lead you to think how about if I did a couple 
of bodyparts like that. Also doing one set in the morning...and
 having the brilliant ideal of doing another set (with 8 more 
ounces at night can only interfere with general progress. 
Never complicate or upset the simple process.

7. If evenually 8 reps becomes a bit difficult all of a sudden...the 
reason is you have lost control of the weight due to 
performance be done improperly, or excessive applied body 
momentum which has robbed the muscle and robbed it of
direct stress factors, Additionally ego factors may enter into 
the system causing careless performance when you feel too 
good one day...and maybe not in the mood the next day.
When this happens...cut back to the 'weight actual' that feels 
light at 8 reps and reapproach the goal.

8. In three months you can double a muscle's force adding 
some real density. In 6 months...use your imagination. In one 
year...I won't bother to describe what will have happened at 
all here. It's too bizarre.

9. Before you attempt to do the actual move at whatever time 
it takes place...stretch your muscles a little bit...so you can 
make them pliable.

Russian Weightlifters have experimented with systems like 
this over the years...with great success. However...they 
applied a great deal of body momentum to the process, and 
that eventually leads to will power training...since force is lost.
But that is a whole other discussion point.

Should you decide to use this training application... never 
discuss it with anyone. Discussion destroys necessary mental 
tension...leaving the way open for the criticism of others who 
are negative....and cause you self doubt which can amp down
muscle contraction potential. 
The point being...let others discover the changes in your 
development...rather than informing them to look for it.  It's far 
more satisfying.....and the backbone of a 'secret method'. 
Otherwise, it wouldn't be a secret ! 

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