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         FITNESS TIPS FOR 1/17/2002                  


Paul:  What is Don Lemmon's "Know How" program in a nutshell?

Don:  Well I decided having a trainer or knowing a nutritionist is not
enough. Some people just said to me "LET'S GET TO HOW TO LOSE 
MY FAT!" And I found a way to show them how easy it is. I cut to the 

This is an ALL FOOD program. Imagine learning to EAT WHATEVER 
you want and for some reason you GET TONED and it being as simple 
as a trip to the kitchen.  All it takes is keeping certain foods away from 
others at some meals.

There are foods that cannot be eaten with others at the same time. This 
goes for Mr. and Mrs. Jones as well as the competitive bodybuilder. 
The secret in how to LOSE A LOT OF FAT is SIMPLE. Itís in FOOD 
SEPARATION. On top of that, I teach you techniques that allow you to 
exercise just TWICE a week for 20 minutes and reach all your goals. 
It doesn't matter what you've been told. I tie it all together.

Ask yourselfÖ How old are you? Do you look your best? Can you go 
proudly to the beach? Stand in front of the mirror and be happy? Then 
you need this "Know How"!  (laughs)

Paul:  Who endorses your program?

Don:  Oh geez...I hate to name drop Ďcause it makes me sound caddy 
but thereís a lot of fitness stars, pro bodybuilders, martial artists, 
athletes, models, etc.  But most importantly, over 2500 average folk 
just like us have used it successfully.

Paul:  What kind of results have people gotten following the "Know How"

Don:  Man, ever heard all those ads about "he got this and this saved 
this guyís life" and "I did this and grew 30 pounds" and "this guy 
dropped a hundred pounds of fat"? All those.

But for real, Iíve seen so many people gain the 10-20 pounds they wanted
while leaning out or dropping their fat so easily that I canít even count
anymore. I have seen people weigh 500 pounds drop half their weight and
people who weighed 150 pounds gain half their weight in muscle. It depends
on your goals. Theyíre all attainable through efficient nutrition.
Paul:  After I read your "Know How" book, the first thought I had was that
you have taken some very complicated biological processes and made this a
very easy program to follow. It kind of reminded me of Vince Gironda. He was
decades ahead of his time, but he just told you what to do...and it worked,
if you did it. He didn't waste hundreds of pages explaining WHY it worked. 
Most people wouldn't understand it anyway, and they didn't care about all 
the complicated physiological terminology. They just cared that what he told
them worked.

Don:  EXACTLY! But I never read any of his stuff. I just remember being told
he suggested drinking cream and I thought that was cool Ďcause so did I.

Paul:  Your book struck me as similar to the way Gironda presented
information. You don't waste the reader's time with all the big, fancy words
and long, drawn out explanations. You explain exactly what to do to get
results quickly. You could start on this program immediately after reading
the book, watching the video, or listening to the audio cassette.

Don:  Yea, if you donít trip on the way out the door rushing to the gym or
kitchen to eat!  (laughs)

Paul:  Was this straightforward approach deliberate?

Don:  Itís just me. I always hated needing to wait for the end of a good
book so I eliminated all the lead ins Ďcause actually, itís all been said 
before. I just cut out all the crap.

Dan:  What can people expect when first starting the "Know How" program?

Don:  To be bloated the first few days. Possibly even miserable until the
body regulates its neglected processes. Then a few days later, for some the
same day. You just KNOW itís gonna work. You feel it. But donít stop for a
moment. Suffer a couple days no matter what your mind tells you. Itís more
than worth it.

Paul:   What kind of results did you personally get from this program?

Don:  Them all. I went from 180 to 200 then 200 to 215 always getting more
ripped than before. Then I took a year off from training and began 
bodybuilding. I went as high as 270 from 190. Then I tore my rotator cuff 
and my father died. I got depressed and fat. I mean REAL fat. My waist went 
from 34 like Yates at 270 to FORTY THREE INCHES at 250! I changed back 
to the "Know How" system and went from 250 to 210 and gained 10 pounds 
of muscle without exercise (due to my shoulder not healing correctly) in 
just 3 months! I am now 200 and just started working out again after 4 years.

Paul:  Are you working on any other projects right now? Any new books,
videos, or audios in the works?

Don:  I am always up to something new but the funny thing is, the video is
more of a collectors item Ďcause Iím scrapping all the footage. I plan to
release a full scale 52 week video training series with routine and
diet manual to accompany the classic "Know How" nutrition book. There are
many doors opening and I'll let you be surprised. Thereís software coming, a
whole lot of stuff.

Paul  Thank you, Don.  I really appreciate your time.

Don:  Youíre welcome.

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