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         FITNESS TIPS FOR 2/14/2002                  

Cyber-Age Fat Burning for Deskbound Computer Users

How to Eat to Burn Fat Fast eat and burn fat food to eat to burn fat

By Sean Hamilton 

A funny thing happened on our way to the brave new "high-tech" world.  
Most of us ended up sitting at desks and working in front of computers -- 
and getting *fatter* along the way.  

The National Center for Health Statistics reports that more than 60% of 
U.S. adults are overweight.  An estimated 87% of overweight adults are 
deskbound, or have computer-oriented jobs that further propagate 
weight gain.   

It's not just the excess weight that is a matter of concern, but the fact 
that sedentary people whose occupations revolve around computers 
are at high risk for weight-related illnesses ranging from diabetes to 
heart disease.  

Okay, so much for the sobering statistics --  what's the solution?

"The body is constantly renewing itself in every second of its existence.  
Ninety-eight (98%) percent of all your atoms come and go in less than 
1 year.  You make a new skin once a month, a new skeleton every 3 
months, a new stomach lining every 5 days.  Even DNA, your genetic 
material, comes and goes every 6 weeks." -- Deepak Chopra, 
best-selling author of Quantum Healing, and one of the world's most 
renowned authorities on health

The human body is in a constant state of flux.  By the same token, 
your body fat and lean muscle mass fluctuate month after month.  If 
your body is constantly renewing itself -- and assuming that the food 
you eat is the primary source of new cells -- then it stands to reason 
that eating is the key to achieving your best body.

Question:  What is the most powerful fat-burning product in existence?

Answer:  Food

Don't let diet supplement salespeople tell you otherwise.  Food causes 
specific and precise biochemical reactions that make you store or burn 
fat.  It is more powerful than any diet, drug or pill, and it is food that 
controls whether you are skinny or fat.

Bottomline:  In order to burn fat, you must eat - instead of starving 
yourself.  In fact, you must eat frequently -- 5 or 6 times a day.  Eating 
several smaller meals a day cranks up your metabolism - and a 
high-speed metabolism is the secret to weight and fat loss.

Eat and Burn Fat 

Think of your metabolism as a fire in the fireplace.  A fast metabolism 
is like a roaring fire.  Practically anything you toss into a roaring fire 
will be burned up and completely consumed in no time.  The same 
thing happens if you have a fast metabolism.  Any kind of food you 
feed into it gets burned up rapidly.

A slow metabolism is like a small fire that doesn't pack a lot of heat 
or burning ability.  If you threw a log into a small, slow-burning fire, 
it would take a long time for the fire to consume it.  Likewise, if you 
have a slow metabolism, big meals take forever to digest and 
burn up - and in the process, your body stores most of the food 
as fat.  

But, if instead of the log, you threw in small handfuls of kindling at 
regular intervals, even a small fire could be stoked to become a 
fast-burning fire.  

The same is true with your metabolism.  Five or 6 smaller meals 
(kindling) eaten at 2-3 hour intervals are better than big meals 
(logs) that are few and far between.

Reprogram Your Metabolism - Without Leaving Your Desk

If you live a sedentary lifestyle, or are deskbound with rarely 
enough time to workout, this weight loss plan is a no-brainer.  
Frequent eating is an activity that will make your body more 
metabolically efficient, thereby making it burn fat while idle -- 
and best of all, you can do it while sitting in front of our 
computer or desk.  If you do nothing else, you will lose 
weight and burn fat, whether you exercise or not.

Most people mistakenly believe that the secret to weight loss 
is exercise.  Actually, exercise is not even half as important to 
weight loss as eating.  However, if you're on a sensible eating 
plan, engaging in moderate exercise (particularly the right type 
of fat-burning aerobic exercise) will accelerate your weight and 
fat loss. 

Foods to Eat to Burn Fat

To create a trim physique with healthy lean muscle, your 5 or 6 
meals a day should consist of fresh, whole, natural, unprocessed, 
nutrient-dense foods that metabolize very quickly.  Avoid refined 
and processed foods that are laden with sugar, salt and saturated 
and fake (hydrogenated) fats which slow down your metabolism - 
your fat-burning engine.  A diet rich in lean protein can raise your 
Resting Metabolic Rate by as much as 68%.  So just by eating 
protein, you immediately speed up your metabolic fire, thereby 
enabling your body to increase lean muscle mass and decrease 
body fat faster.

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