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         FITNESS TIPS FOR 2/19/2002                  

"How doing NOTHING can build muscle size and strength"
By Dan Gallapoo

Now let's talk about a new training technique that can 
help accelerate your muscle mass and strength gains.

You might find it extremely difficult to follow this 
advice.  I know I did.

The special training advice I'm talking about is...

sitting on your butt and taking it easy for at least 7 

Now if you've been sedentary the last couple years and
you've just started working out again for your new year's
resolution, then this advice doesn't apply to you.

But if you've been really busting your butt in the gym
for a few months, rest days can actually do you some good.

Just a few days ago, I realized that I've been training
hard and consistently since August.  I had also been dieting
consistently from July through November.

My progress had leveled off over a month ago.  Now I didn't
have the energy I used to have.  Workouts were a drag.  I 
wasn't making any more strength gains.  I'd feel lethargic
during my workouts.  My joints started aching.

I figured my body was trying to tell me something.  So I'm 
taking a guilt free two week layoff.  I deserve it. In fact 
I probably should have taken a layoff over a month ago.

If you've been training for 8 to 12 weeks, intensely 
and consistently, a one to two week layoff can do 
you a whole lot of good.

In fact, I've had guys who had been plateaued for months
tell me that after a two week layoff, their muscles had 
grown in both size and strength.  The layoff allowed their 
body to heal and grow and recover from an over-trained

So if you DESERVE a layoff, grab yourself some popcorn
and a bunch of good videos (or whatever non-physical
activity you like to do) and take it easy for a week or two.
Your body will thank you and just may reward you with
bigger and stronger muscles.

All the best,

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