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        FITNESS TIP FOR 3/20/2002             

This  weeks training article takes away all excuses for not 
training because you don't have the right equipment.  With the
"Exercise/Rest Principle Formula" you can build your body 
with nothing but bodyweight only exercises.  All you really 
need is an improvised dip bar (the backs of 2 chairs will 
work just fine) and an improvised chin bar (how about 
chinning from a rafter?)

I hope you enjoy the article.

All the best,

By:  Dennis B. Weis
The "Yukon Hercules"

Use on any Non-Apparatus bodyweight only exercise:

Leg raises
Squats (one-legged) Sissy Squats

Using the 1-legged squat as an example, begin by 
performing this exercise for as many ultra-strict 
repetitions as possible within a 10 second time frame, 
Now rest for exactly 10 seconds; after the 10 second rest, 
immediately begin to perform some more 1-legged squats 
for 10 seconds, then take another 10-second rest. Continue 
this pattern of 10 seconds of exercise followed by 10 
seconds of rest for 9 more complete cycles, for a total of 10. 
On each of the succeeding five days you increase the 
number of cycles by two.

               seconds seconds   minutes/seconds
Day 1   10      10      10        1:40    1:40
2       12      10      10        2:00    2:00
3       14      10      10        2:20    2:20
4       16      10      10        2:40    2:40
5       18      10      10        3:00    3:00
6       20      10      10        3:20    3:20

This stage, as well as stages 3, 4, and 5, consists of 6 workout 
days and begins with 10 cycles of work and rest, increasing to 
20 by day six, The difference here is that you will perform 15 
seconds of exercise and take 10 seconds of rest per cycle,

At this stage you switch to 20 seconds of exercise and take 10 
seconds of rest per cycle.

Now you do 30 seconds of exercise and take 10 seconds of rest 
per cycle.

In the last stage you do 30 seconds of exercise and take 5 
seconds of rest per cycle.

To summarize, here are the steps for successfully completing 
the five stages of the exercise/rest principle.

1. Each individual stage (1-5) consists of 6 workout days. The 
workouts can be performed on consecutive days, or you can do 
them every other day.

2. Begin each new stage on day 1 by doing a minimum of 10 
nonstop sequences of the exercise/rest principle,  then on each 
scheduled workout day thereafter be sure to add 2 nonstop 
sequences (as in the detailed stage 1 example).

3. Always do as many ultra-strict repetitions as possible during 
the work phase.
Follow the Exercise/Rest Formula as described and you 
discover a renewed interest in performing bodyweight only 

Stay flexed!!!
Dennis Weis

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Dennis Weis

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