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        FITNESS TIP FOR 3/27/2002             

How a SMALL CHANGE In Your Rep Scheme Can
by Oliver Wolter

If you are working out like most people, you are using a rep scheme
of 6-12 repetitions for muscle mass.

You could read it anywhere and this seems to be one of the iron
rules in weight lifting.

But following this rule could hold you back from serious gains!

Almost nobody can tell you why you should perform this rep scheme
for muscle mass.

Some people will tell you that 6 reps is 80% of your one rep
maximum - the range where most muscle fibers get involved.

But can you really perform 6 reps with 80% of your one rep max?

I can't tell you, but what I can tell you is that you are probably
wasting a lot of your gains by blindly following this rule.

Don't get me wrong, I believed that performing 6-12 reps is an iron
rule for achieving maximum muscle gains. This all changed when I 
started to test the one rep maximum on all my training clients.

High Reps or Low Reps?

What came out is that a few of my clients could do more than 20 reps
with 80% of their one rep maximum, while others could only do 3 reps
with 80% of their one rep maximum.

After using the individual scheme of between 3 and more than 20 reps
for muscle gains, almost all of my clients made better gains.

Some even doubled their progress rate instantly after changing the
rep scheme for muscle gains.

How Many Reps?

So please test your one rep maximum and load 80% on your one rep
maximum on the bar and test how many reps you could do.

To get a little bit more advanced I would advise you to take the time
while performing your reps.

I always use this technique beneath others with good success in my 
X-Size Weight Lifting Software for one good reason: 
Not anybody uses the same speed for their repetitions any time.

But there is also another trick hidden in it. By this you could know
if Creatine is useful for you.

But now I want to leave the theoretical part behind and start with an
practical example.

Test your one rep maximum on two different body parts.

At first test your one rep maximum for barbell bicep curls and write
it down. If you didn't choose the right weight at the first time 
(almost nobody could do this) take 3 minutes off - before you try it
a second or third time. (for example your TESTED one rep 
maximum for barbell curls is 100lbs)

At second test your one rep maximum for leg extensions.
(for example your TESTED one rep maximum for barbell curls is 200lbs)

After you did do this - pause for 10 minutes.
In this time calculate 80% of your one rep maximum for 
barbell curls (100 * 0,8 = 80 lbs) 
and the leg extensions (200 * 0,8 = 160)

Now you know your real one rep maximum for both exercises.

After the 10 minutes pause you should load 80lbs on the barbell for
testing your repetitions.

For example you are able to perform 9 repetitions for barbell curls
with 80 lbs. So 9 repetitions is your optimum rep scheme for 
barbell curls.

After another 10 minutes of pause you could make the same test 
with the leg extensions.

For example you could do 15 leg extensions with 160 lbs. So this 
means you should always aim for 15 repetitions for leg extensions 
because this gives you the best muscle gains.

Did you take your time for the reps?

If so I can tell you the following:

If your time for each of both exercises was below 60 seconds 
Creatine could be quite useful for you.

If your time was even below 40 seconds for each of both exercises
and you didn't try Creatine - what are you waiting for?
It will definitely give you a good boost in muscle mass.

One final advice I would like to give you. You should do this test
for any exercise you are performing. Probably you have seen, that you
get different results for different body parts. But you will also get
different results for different exercises for the same body part.

This is because every exercise involves slightly different muscle 
fibers. So probably your optimum rep scheme for barbell curls is 
9 reps, but for preacher bench curls it could be 6 reps.

Probably this sounds over the edge for you. But think twice!
I evolved this technique in my X-Size Weight Lifting Software 
 beneath other techniques to boost muscle gains for good reason.

Probably this technique alone could give you "only" 20% more muscle
gains but it could also double your progress rate. This sums up over
time to big gains. And if you add some more of these tricks in your
training schedule you could double or even triple your progress rate

Best regards,
Oliver Wolter

P.S. Next week I will take about how a double progress scheme could
double your gains.

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