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        FITNESS TIP FOR 4/3/2002             

By:  Dennis B. Weis
The "Yukon Hercules"

If you are like me, more than likely exercise is an important 
part of your existing lifestyle. During your training career, for 
one reason or another, you will find yourself cramped for gym 
time that makes full-length workouts impossible.

When a lack of the customary training time in the gym becomes 
evident, it should never become an excuse for procrastinating or 
missing workouts completely.  From my own experience and 
those of others who I talk to, usually  the muscle group to 
experience the most neglect is the abdominals.  Don't become 
one of the statistics.

Here is a quick "slam training" routine that will give you a great 
workout for the abdominals even when you are short on time. 

Exercise  Exercise Name        Sets & Reps Scheme
1         Reverse Trunk Curl    3 x 15 - Hold 5, then 10

2         Floor Crunches        1 x 25 - Hold  5 seconds
                                1 x 20 -  Hold  5 seconds
                                1 x 15 -  Hold   5 seconds

3         Alternate Elbow to Knee 
          twisting partial Crunch    2 x 40 each side

Exercise Descriptions:

Reverse Trunk Curl

-Lay back on a flat exercise bench

-Reach overhead and grip the end of the bench

-Cross your legs and bring your thighs so they are perpendicular 
to your body.

-Without swinging your body, use your abs to lift your trunk (butt) 
off the bench approximately 8 inches.  This is considered the "up" 
or "contracted" position.  Breathe out at "up" position.

-Slowly lower your trunk (butt) to within 1 inch of  the bench surface.  
This is one rep.

-Breathe in and begin  again doing 4 more reps.  Upon completion 
of the 5th rep  ("up" position) hold for a 5 second count.  Do 10 more 
reps and hold  in the ("up" position) for a 10  second count.  This 
completes one set.  Do two more sets in the manner described.

Floor Crunches

-Standard crunch

-After performing 25 reps, hold the ("up" position)  for a 5 second 

-Do 20 more reps- hold for a 5 second count.

-Do 15 more reps - hold for a 5 second count.


Alternated Elbow to Knee
Twisting partial Crunch

-This is simple a Floor Crunch with an alternating elbow to knee 
sequence thrown into the mix.

Follow the Slam Training for the Abdominals every other day!

Stay flexed!!!
Dennis Weis

For more training routine go to Dennis Weis

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