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Fitness Product Review


Body fat is somthing that we all worry about and would like to 
be able to control. Thanks to modern research and ancient 
herbs from around the world, there is help for us.

Thermogenesis is the proccess of burning off excess dietary 
calories within the organ of the body called the brown adipose 
tissue or BAT. In BAT, calories are diverted from normal 
metabolism into thermogenesis. Heat not energy, is the 
primary product of thermigneic metabolism in BAT. 
Thermogenesis in BAT is the target of thermogenic products.

Herbal Fat Melter advanced new thermogenic formula represents
the most sophisticated natural fat-loss/muscle-sparing technology 
available. See the following success story. 

"I just wanted you to know that in just two month's time I have lost 
27 inches in my total body width, from my neck down. My personal 
trainer was amazed. I am so excited, my clothes fit me so much 
better and my husband is flirting with me again. Thank you and 
your wonderful herbal product, this is definitely a product 
I will tell my friends about.
Patsy R. - Tulsa, OK"

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        FITNESS TIPS FOR 4/30/2002         

Fitness Program Review

by Guyo Katich

When I first heard of Don, it was through the renowned guitarist, 
Stuart Smith. I was directing & co-producing Stuart's video at the Key
Club in Hollywood. I then met Don for the first time at the Key Club 
that Friday, I was first struck by the fact that he had this incredible 
presence, he not only is one of the leading body-builder/trainers in 
Las Vegas & Hollywood, he is also one of the most sought after 
nutrition consultants on the entire planet today. 

Don, from what I have seen and heard, is one of the most going-for-it
people in Hollywood/L.A., today. There isn't a day that goes by that
he is not out there amongst them, trying to get people to either listen 
and/or begin to understand his, KNOW HOW Secrets To the Perfect 
Body and how it all works.

Interesting Example: If you are a big eater and want to loose weight, 
but never can get it together? You still end up on the beach every 
summer promising that next year you'll look better and feel better 
but it keeps getting a little worse with each passing year?

Well, here is the answer to your dilemma...  Don will basically 
re-teach you how to eat correctly  and, in so doing he will have you 
eating more foods than you ever thought possible from any of a 
hundred fad diets that have come and gone, okay? In addition, you 
will look better, act better, feel better, work better, love better. You 
get the idea?

This 300-page book is a real revelation, no matter what way you 
read into his wonder program. Whether you are a skeptic, a 
pessimist, or just a negative soul at heart, it won't matter what your 
complaint -- you'll start looking like the human being God had 
intended you to look!

Well, there many more creditable referrals and downright interesting

"I figure anyone who can lift weights every other day and still run to 
the top of the Hollywood Hills, while helping to train others to reach 
their goals, aspirations and dreams -- and still fits in an 
acting/producing career on top of that, has my undivided attention."

"No, I cannot tell you I am an expert on Don Lemmon or his nutrition
knowledge or his exercise technique. Nor do I really want to or care to 
or have to. I would rather be under a palm tree on Maui, groaning 
dreamily with my head in the sand like last summer. So, if you're lazy 
like me this is the answer to all your curious dreams of having a 
perfect body."

So, if you want to read or learn how to turn yourself around?  Then
this is the book that can do it for you.

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