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        FITNESS TIP FOR 5/15/2002         

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by Dennis B. Weis
"The Yukon Hercules"

If you have been bodybuilding for any length of time then most likely 
you have been asked "How big are your arms?"  The degree of bicep 
size that you possess seems to be a badge as to your worthiness as 
bodybuilder.  Without question then it is important to use exercises 
which will stimulate the most amount of size and development in the 
arms in the shortest time possible.

One particular bicep exercise that will help to accomplish this is "The 
Perfect Curl".  I learned about this exercise many years ago in a 
private personal training seminar conducted by the "iron guru" the 
late Vince Gironda.

Vince described how to do "The Perfect Curl" (or complete curl).  The 
first part of "The Perfect Curl" (using a straight bar and a shoulder 
width handspacing) begins with the elbows resting on the pelvis or 
hip bones with the arms hanging straight  and the upper torso 
inclined with the head and shoulders just back of the hips.  This 
particular starting position will actively stimulate the lower insertion 
of the biceps as the barbell is curled upward the first 10-12 inches.

The second part of  "The Perfect Curl"  kicks in  as the barbell is 
continuing to be curled upward and  the upper torso (head and 
shoulders) begins to travel forward to an erect (or vertical) position. 
This part of the curl involves the belly of the biceps.

The third part of  "The Perfect Curl"  concludes with the upper torso 
(head and shoulders) moving slightly forward from an erect (or 
vertical) position and the bar is curled upward to completion.  When 
the torso is slightly forward from vertical at the completion of the 
upward phase of the curl it  creates a maximum peak contraction 
in the biceps.  Cramp the barbell into the top curl position and  
contract the biceps for all they are worth for a second and then 
reverse the proceedure as you lower the barbell to the starting 
position.  This completes one rep!  Each rep should take 
approximately 6 seconds to complete.

Always use a poundage on curls that you can handle in the form 
described above, perhaps with about 60 percent of your maximum 
single barbell curl.  Vince would suggest doing  one of the 
following  sets and reps schemes: 6 sets of 6 reps, or 8 sets of 8 
reps and finally 10 sets of 10 reps.  Rest-pause 20-30 seconds 
between each set of the chosen set and rep scheme.  I assume that 
you are aware of the necessary training frequencies when training 
arms so I will not make mention of it here.  
Enjoy!    Stay flexed!!!

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