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        FITNESS TIP FOR 5/29/2002       

by Dennis B. Weis
"The Yukon Hercules"

I have been a published iron game journalist and author for nearly 
25 years and one of the most frequent questions I am asked is 
"How do you get bigger stronger faster? What are the most radical 
and perhaps bizzare methods you have ever heard of for increasing 

There are at least two dozen bizzare methods I can quickly think of 
but three that are perhaps the most thought provoking are:  1.  The 
Mandibular Orthopedic Repositioning Appliance.  2.  The 
"Homostatic Stance" and 3. The Myo-Genetic Set.

Here is an encapsulated summary of each one.  The Mandibular 
Orthopedic Repositioning Appliance ( or M.O.R.A.), is better known 
to the average person as simple a mouth piece.  Some bodybuilders 
and powerlifters are said to have used this device when doing 
heavy, heavy presses, squats or deadlifts.

The M.O.R.A. positions the jaw in a balanced manner so that when 
a person clinches their teeth the muscles of the jaw will be
 contracting in an even manner.  This allows the bodybuilder or 
powerlifter to concentrate more fully on the lifting of the barbell and 
not have to be concerned about their teeth and jaw.  It is said that 
the barring down with the jaw under the pressure of a heavy lift, 
tapes the adrenal gland for an increase of adrenal secretion.  
Supposedly this will increase the strength potential of the average 
lifter by as much as 10-15% and 5% in those of world class caliber.

The second method for instant strength increases is the 
"Homostatic Stance".  This method was invented by a chiropractor 
named Dr. Sipple.  Simple put you take your regular stance, be it 
in the squat or press overhead , but with one slight difference.  
One foot (usually your shortest leg) is positioned approximately 
3 inches ahead of the other and with the feet adducted or turned 
in ever so slightly.  

It seems that by altering your stance in the manner described 
the stress between the working muscles are set in harmony with 
one another and best of all there is no knee pain.  If you elect to 
give the "Homostatic Stance" a go say in the squat, back off your 
normal exercise poundages and give yourself a month to get 
accustomed to this new position before once again using your 
previous exercise poundages.

Claims of a 50% increase in strength and about 100% in 
endurance have been made.  I personally have not been 
witness to this nor is there any scientific data to back up these 
claims so I will let you decide on the value of the "Homostatic 

And finally, the third method for increasing strength is the 
Myo-Genetic Set.  This valuable training concept was created 
by Dr. G.K. Knowlton, a chiropractor, and prolific writer in the 
iron game many years ago.

The basic premise of the Myo-Genetic Set is as follows:
1) Load up a barbell (after a specific warm-up) with a 
poundage you are capable of for a near maximum single effort 
(MSE).  If the poundage is not quite heavy enough simple use 
very strict form and do a super slow rep.  If the weight is too 
heavy, you may have to use some controlled cheating.  After 
a few workouts you will be able to gauge your starting 
poundages more accurately.  Begin now by doing one-rep in 
full exercise range of motion.
2) Quickly remove enough poundage so that a second single 
rep can be performed.  This should be done in a manner which 
will not allow you to stop and rest.
3) Perform 8 to 10 consecutive single reps in the manner 
described. Completion of the final rep is considered to be one 
set.  Do only 1 to 2 sets per major/minor muscle group.  Do 
only 6-8  Myo-Genetic Sets per any given workout.  If for 
example you are training the total body on a scheduled 
workout day you would only do Myo-Genetic Sets for say 3 or 
4 of the muscle groups.
4) Work each muscle group once and at the most twice per 
week when using  the Myo-Genetic Set(s) concept and at the 
most for a total of 4 to 6 weeks in duration.
5) As mentioned earlier be sure to warm-up (general and 
specific) completely before performing a Myo-Genetic Set.

I hope you have enjoyed reading about the 3 radical methods 
I have presented for increasing strength.  I'd be interested in 
hearing from you (the reader) regarding unusual methods you 
have heard about or used personally for making huge leaps 
in strength.  Until then.  Stay flexed!!!

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