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      FITNESS TIPS FOR 6/19/2002               



For something a little different but effective, try a technique developed 
by the Ebony Frenchman himself Serge Nubret,  2nd place at the  1975 
Mr. Olympia. Instead of adding weight on each set, keep the poundage
at a weight that you can do 12-15 reps with. Then in perfect form add an 
extra rep to each succeeding set. Nubret used relatively light weights 
in flawless form, moderate rep speed, and progressively higher reps to
sculpt a very majestic and stately physique, injury and ego free! And
as always do not forget to add weight periodically. As for you sceptics 
this isn't as easy as it sounds. Believe me. 

Pump On,
Rob Jones.  


I've been training for 10 years now and would consider myself very
experienced and have tried everything through out the years.  After all of
these years of training it hit me a few weeks ago, what is just as important
in weight training, that people don't talk enough about or stress enough -
is the negative.  For instance doing calf raises, the down movement should
be slow and precise as the up movement, using the negative as much as the
positive.  For everything shoulders legs, triceps  and biceps.  Instead
of pressing, lifting, or curling the weight and just letting it fall, make
the weight do the work the whole way through, or the way back.  I see 
people in the gym throwing the weight up and not making slow balanced
(on bothsides) movements, so I thought I would share some advice with 
you all.

Patrick Rossetti


The main idea of Static Contraction Fitness Training is to hold 
the weight in a stationary position for 5 minimum or 15 seconds 
maximum time. The ideals of high intensity remain intact though. 
So one basically uses the bread and butter movements:  Squats, 
Bench Press, Chins, Barbell Curls, Tricep Exteentions, Wrist 
Curls, etc.

This type of training allows for much heavier use of weight then 
when you move the bar. Eventually though you will only be able 
to train once a week as it really taxes the muscles. Do not do any 
second sets or any specialized movements like preacher curls or 
Bent Over Dumbell Curls. The idea is to use maximum force and 
get all of the joints and the muscles involved in the shortest 
period of time. 
I hope this helps.
James W.

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