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      FITNESS TIPS FOR 6/26/2002               

By Bryan Kernan 

I'm going to let you in on a little secret that can help you add 
some relatively quick size to lagging body parts.

Let's use the calves for example since most people don't 
really put that much effort into calf training.  I understand...it's 
painful.  But a great set of calves can really make your 
physique stand out.  I admire a great set of calves much more 
than a great set of arms.  Everybody works hard on building 
up their arms. Hardly anybody busts their butt building their 

Here's what I want you to do:

For the next 4 weeks, work your calves at the END of your 
workout twice a week with preferably 2 days of rest between 
calf workouts. For example, work your calves on Mon. & 
Thurs. or Tues. & Friday.

Like I said, calves will be the very last body part training 
you do on those training days.

Do 5 sets of 6 to 8 reps of the Standing Calf Raise or 
Donkey Calf Raise with as heavy a weight as you can 
handle.  Rest as long as you need between sets. The most 
important thing is to recover enough to use heavy weight 
for the required number of reps.  

Try to use the same weight for each set.  If your reps fall 
below 6 due to fatigue then lower the weight or rest a little 
longer between sets. Each week try to add at least 5 
pounds for all 5 sets.

After your 5th set, rest about 2 minutes and reduce the 
weight you've been using by about 50%.  Do one last set 
for at least 20 reps.  If you can do more then keep going 
until temporary muscular failure, but do at least 20 reps.  
If you can't complete 20 reps then reduce the weight 
again and without rest get your 20 reps.

Right before and after you do this workout take 10 
Nitrobol Amino Acids. 

The combination of the heavy weight/low rep training 
with the final high rep set will have the muscle totally 
engorged with blood.  The Nitrobol Amino Acids will hit the 
bloodstream and will be rushed to the area pumped 
with blood. This will contribute to faster recovery which 
means you will increase muscle size and strength faster!

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