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      FITNESS TIPS FOR 7/2/2002           

Woman's Workout Routine

My name is Michele Burdick; I work as a Master Fitness Specialist at 
US Army bases, and have been in the business of training individuals 
for over fifteen years now.  Almost everyone can benefit form the 
following three day a week routine.  It is an excellent workout plan
for any level athlete.  Please check with your doctor before starting 
any workout program you are not accustomed to.  

Monday- Legs and shoulders - Squat, Smith Machine lunges, single 
leg extensions, leg curls, rear deltoid (shoulder) fly's, lateral raises, 

Wednesday- Back and biceps - Lat pull downs, seated rows, low 
rows, one-arm rows, E-Z bar curls, incline dumbbell curls, crunches.  

Friday- Chest and triceps - Incline dumbbell presses, incline
dumbbell fly's, flat bench dumbbell presses, peck deck, French curls, 
high cable triceps press downs, crunches.

All exercises for the first four-week cycle will be done at 15 reps, 3 
sets. Second four week cycle will be done at 10 reps, 4 sets. Third 
four week cycle will be done at 6 reps, 4 sets.  

Weight used should be heavy enough so that the last rep of each 
set is very difficult.  Proper form is paramount, so use the gym 
mirrors and a spotter to aid in monitoring your form. Remember 
to stretch opposite the contraction after each set.  

Do not neglect your cardiovascular health; indulge yourself with 
cardio exercises you enjoy three  to six days a week in your 
Target Heart Range (60%-85% of your maximum heart range 
(220 - (your age)=maximum heart rate) for a minimum of thirty 

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