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        FITNESS TIP FOR 7/10/2002   

by Pavel Tsatsouline

One Arm Push Ups Workout

Would you like to impress your friends with a one handed dive-bomber 
power push up? The balance and alignment is tricky and here is the 
shortcut to mastering this hard type of push up. 

Get in the one handed dive-bomber starting position with one hand 
planted approximately in line with your shoulder and the other behind 
your back. Now pull from your lat and move into the low position of 
the dive-bomber - without straightening out your elbow. And back up, 
once again keeping your elbow straight. Remember to keep 
your armpit tight, your fingers spread wide and your palm planted 
solid, and do not be afraid to move your feet or hand to find the 
optimal position.

Editors note: if you can't yet do one-armed pushups, get in the 
pushup position and place one arm behind your back. Lower yourself 
slowly with the other arm until your chest touches the floor. 
Again stay as tight as you can during the lowering phase.

In the beginning, just focus on lowering yourself with one-arm 
and pressing back up to the starting position with two-arms. 
work up to where you can both lower and raise with just one arm.

Comrade Pavel       

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