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        FITNESS TIP FOR 7/24/2002   


Many stars of athletics, martial arts, fitness and bodybuilding consult 
Don Lemmon to find out the real facts on nutrition, how to lose fat and 
build muscle, and how to achieve and maintain optimum fitness. For 
your and my interest, I asked some of you what questions you would
really like to ask an expert about nutrition and Don kindly offered to 
answer them: 

Q: Why, if at all, should I take vitamin and/or mineral supplements? 

Don: We do need to supplement because our production and cooking 
habits have destroyed our chances of foods actually containing what 
we need. It's frightening what lands on our plates. Couple that with 
eating white bread, bleached oils, and oh wow! 

Q: When is the best time to take supplements? 

Don: Always with meals. 

Q: I'm trying to help my teenage daughter cope with PMS. What do 
you recommend? 

Don: A more balanced diet and the mentioned supplementation. 
Results were better than any prescription. 

Q: Is it better to have goat's milk and cheeses rather than cow's? 

Don: Is it best to have ANY dairy BEFORE it is pasteurized. That 
kills what is good in it. Cheeses are fine usually if in curds, but 
yogurt and milks need skimmed to digest. Hard cheese is like lard, 
and hard to digest for anyone. Goat milk is great but so is cow
milk. Tiger's milk is unbelievably good too. 

Q: I get terrible headaches around my periods. Is there anything 
you recommend to help. 

Don: All of the above. Essential fats regulate your hormones and 
that's what the periods are all about. 

Q: How can I begin to find out if I may be intolerant or allergic to 
foods like cereals and milk products, as they are contained in so 
many things we eat? 

Don: Like with pasteurization, excessive processing of food kills 
the natural enzymes that the food should have contained within 
it, which assist in digestion. So the rawest most natural foods 
are never a problem. I teach food separation, similar to 
combining but with better results. Some things arent meant to 
be eaten with others and on occassion, alone even. 

Q: What nutrients are most commonly deficient in the typical 
Western diet? 

Don: Minerals, essential fats and protein. We are vitamin-aholics! 

Q: My metabolism is slowing down and I'm putting on weight 
rapidly, whilst still eating the same or even less. Is there any way 
to reverse this? 

Don: Eating less only slows the metabolism down. So does 
poorly combined foods. It's what and how you eat that matters. I 
have said for years that you can exercise all day and eat 
whatever you want OR eat right and only exercise when you feel 
like it. 

Q: Could nutritional factors be behind the regular depressions I 
lapse into, even when things are going well in other ways. 

Don: Every single time. Do not get me wrong, other human 
beings love to play with your emotional issues but nutrition 
always assists you in dealing with it. 

Q: I'm addicted to smoking. Is there anything that could help me
 to give it up? And what could I incorporate into my diet to help 
prevent lung cancer? 

Don: Actually, proper nutrition clears out the stored nicotine in 
your body. Over time you will naturally crave less and less to 
where you will stop completely. I'm often notified of how my 
clients have gone cold turkey on their habits. Wild how a little 
more food, properly separated, fully digested, and a cleaner 
more nourished body will treat you! 

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