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Beta-Ecdysterone does not function in the same manner 
as anabolic steroids. Russian and Japanese researchers 
have determined that Beta-Ecdysterone acts to stimulate 
protein synthesis by increasing the activity of the 
polyribosomes (peptides) and their synthesis of proteins.

Research shows that this active component in ECDY-BOLIN 
can drastically increase lean body mass and endurance, 
decrease blood sugar levels and adipose tissue, and improve
nearly every bodily process, including liver and brain function.  

Best of all, it is safe for both men and women!

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        FITNESS TIP FOR 8/21/2002    


We recently talked to nutrition guru Don Lemmon, and here are the 
following interesting tidbits of info you may want to apply to  your 
own nutrition plans! Don doesn't go into scientific detail as it only 
confuses you. He gets right to the point.


1. Creatine.... To load, take 1 gram for each 7.5 pounds of lean 
mass you carry divided into equal servings between meals and 
before bed but not upon awakening.... 

 2. Andro.... This is supposed to increase your testosterone and 
people are calling it a natural steroid... Do yourself a favor, take an 
hour before training with a protein snack.....

3. HGH.... Sublingual means HOLDING it under the tongue for 30 
seconds or until it melts away. The gut will destroy it otherwise. 
Results diminish after 6 straight months so lay off for 60 days 
and begin again. A little all day is best...

4. Chitosan.... I hate to admit it but some foods are unavoidable... 
Too tempting... I take these pills which suck the fat from a bad 
meal when eating peanut butter pie or having a fish sandwich 
from Burger King! It isn't often, but I am human and these pills
really do block the body from storing fat from that particular meal. 
Once in a while is fine but be honest and eat right 9 of 10 meals....

5. Glucosamine and chrondroitin... Making progress means 
making strength gains for either men or women. No question 
about it. And fast gains, while not rushed, may still stress the 
joints. I take this in my after workout carbo drink every session 
just for insurance sake. 

6. Vitamins.... Neglect them and you lose 20% of your potential.... 
You need them but I chose to chew mine and break down the 
coating so they are better absorbed. I always take these with food 

7. Minerals.... Minerals are in everything but not always in 
abundance. When all is said and done, you need them to complete 
60% of your diet. No diet supplies more than 20% without 
supplementation of the other 40 or 50.... I take mine with 
breakfast and after training.

8. Essential fats.... A tablespoon upon awakening, before training, 
before bed is what I do. 10% of your diet is fulfilled with this 300 
calorie addition.

9. Proteins.... Protein MUST be predominantly from food and found 
in 4 meals a day..... Supplemental protein is good if you are IN A 
HURRY or after a workout only. Most contain carbs whether it says 
so or not so simply use it as a good post workout snack... If you 
want up in the middle of the night, your body is depleted of 
something, so have another.

10. Fat Burning Pills..... Fat burners are typically used to 
increase energy and stamina as well as promote thermogenesis.  
(heat creation within the body) allowing it to burn fat at a 
faster rate. 

Don Lemmon's Know How.... My program is centered upon the 
basic need for the body to digest the food and nutrients it receives. 
If you cannot use what goes in you are malnourished. If it does not 
digest, muscle builds slow and fat is stubborn or increases.... If 
you burp, fart, get sick, headaches or more it is IN-digestion as in
INcomplete, not-complete digestion and that's your problem. Some 
foods are to be eaten with others and some at separate feedings 
but little needs to be avoided. For more info on Don Lemmon go to:

Also for more info on these and other supplements go to:

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