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        FITNESS TIP FOR 9/4/2002   

Bodybuilding and Fat Loss 

Oliver Wolter

Here is an example of a recent e-mail I got:

"Hi Oliver,

I just started with my fat loss diet a few weeks ago, but it seems 
that since 2 weeks I am not losing any further weight - what can I do?"


What does it mean to lose weight?

What is this weight?

Water - muscles or fat?

And the letter goes on.

"It seems I started losing muscles as well, because I already 
lost 1/2 inch on my arms."

Again - What is this weight?

Water - muscles or fat?

Probably you will think "is he unable to read? - he lost 1/2 inch on 
his arms - so it must be muscles".

But this is not the truth. It can be muscles, but it can be fat or 
water as well.

Weight and inches are not the same as muscles.

Wow - bold statement but this is the god honest truth. Or would you 
say that if you lost 2 inches on your waist it must be muscles?

Well - I bet you would say "hey if I am losing 2 inches on my waist 
it must be fat". While this is in most cases right it can also be right 
for your arms and your chest and all other body parts.

Look - your body doesn't store all his fat for the "bad times" on your 
waist. Probably your body prefers to store its fat on your waist but 
that doesn't mean it doesn't store it anywhere else. In fact you will 
find your body fat stored all over your body. 

But fact is - you cannot decide where you want to lose fat. It's your 
bodies decision and there is nothing you can do about that.

But now I want to come back to what you should do if you want to 
lose fat. It's really easy and probably you are already doing this:

Tracking your body fat levels what you should your care about.
Tracking your body fat levels is essential on any fat loss diet. But 
what is the right way?

The right way is always the most reliable way!

But what is the most reliable way?

To answer this question I want to ask you what kind of body fat you 
care about and want to get rid off?

Some body fat stored somewhere inside of you or the body fat 
anybody sees at the surface under your skin?

Well I bet it is the second one and this is exactly the point where 
you should measure your body fat. You should measure your skin 
fold thickness by using a body fat caliper.

Nothing is as reliable or as cheap as good old body fat calipers.

It seems half of the fitness world is using some kind of electronic 
body fat measuring tools. But I say - it's a waste of time and 
money if you build up or tone your muscles as well.

You can find it in any manual I know of: "this scale is not intended 
for people involved in a muscle building workout routine", but 
everybody seems to ignore this.

These electronic tools are calibrated with data of people who have 
average body fat and muscle levels. But if you workout with weights 
you don't have an average body composition.

How will I know?

I tested several electronic measuring tools on some of my personal 
training clients with very low body fat levels and washboard abs. 
Depending on this measuring tools - all had more than 10% body fat 
- one even had over 27% body fat on one of these electronic tools. 
Could you think of having washboard abs with more than 27% body 

No way!

So I want to come back to the body fat calipers. These are some great 
tools to measure your progress when it comes to losing body fat.

If you measure - always use the same formula to calculate your body 
fat levels. There are a few different formulas out there and they all 
give different results. But the most important thing is the measurement 
itself. So if you lost one millimeter on your waist skin fold - you lost 
some kind of fat on your waist.

Best regards,
Oliver Wolter

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