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        FITNESS TIP FOR 9/12/2002  

How To Bench Press More 

I always get emails every week from people asking me 
how to increase their bench press. It's a big ego thing to 
be able to tell people (especially women) that you can push 
up big weights in the bench press.

Well, here's a quick technique you can use on the power 
rack or smith machine to break through your plateaus.

First, determine where your sticking point or points are in 
the barbell bench press. For most people, the sticking 
point either occurs at a point about 4 inches off the chest 
or towards the end of the movement when the triceps fully 
kick in a few inches before lockout.

Set the pins on the power rack to allow you to isolate that 
area of the bench press where you are weakest. The 
reasoning is simple: strengthen the weak point, and your 
bench will improve.

So if your sticking point occurs at about 4 inches off your 
chest, set the lower pins to a point about 2 inches off 
your chest, and set the upper pins to about 6 inches off 
your chest. Load up the bar and perform your movement 
within this limited range of motion. Do this once a week 
for 3-4 weeks and you'll be blasting through that sticking 
point in no time at all.

For more ideas that can help you increase your bench press,
read below:

Improving Your Bench Press

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