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           Truly Huge Fitness Tips
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* Speed up your metabolism to help lose weight.

* Give yourself more energy.

* Preserve your muscle tissue.

* Burn fat calories.

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        FITNESS TIPS FOR 9/25/2002    


Exercise To Reduce Waist Size 

I have 2 fitness tips. The first one is: the best way to lose inches 
on your  waist is to get in the habit of sucking in your stomach all 
the time. This is better than doing crunches or situps. 

Shape Your Calves

My second fitness tip is: if you want to shape your gastronemius, 
( the back of the lower part of your leg ), then here's what you can 
do. 1.) Stand up nice and straight  2.) Slowly rise onto your tiptoes, 
bringing the arms up into a ballerina position. while doing that slowly 
inhale.  3.) Stay in this position for about 10 seconds and slowly 
exhale while bringing your feet and arms down. Do this about 8 - 10 
times a day then you should see and feel results. 


Diet Exercise Fat Loss Weight

Eat small portions of food when you eat during the day or night. This 
will help you control your food intake and when your body is "full" 
that is a message to don't eat anymore.

Excercise at least 4 times a week to keep up your metabolism and also 
it will give you more energy.

Instead of eating chips or any junk food when you are relaxing, eat 
nutritious foods like carrots, kiwi, apples, bananas or just cook you 
some vegetables and it will quench your appetite!

Sierra Kelly

Push Up Variations

If your looking for a major chest builder, you can't go wrong with 
push-ups. I find that doing 5 different styles of push-ups tends to 
work just about the entire region of the pectoralis major (chest).
there's the military or traditional style, the "diamond" style, 
where you place your hands fingertip to fingertip and thumb to 
thumb to form a diamond. and there's the wide stance. The two next 
ones are the incline pushup and decilne pushup. Both very effective. 
Trust me on this they work, I just turned 16 and I have a 46 inch 

Curtis Dean

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