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         FITNESS TIPS FOR 11/20/2002
Advice For The "Older" Male Bodybuilder
Be All You Want To Be At Any Age
By John C. Pasco
NPC Masters' Bodybuilder

I believe I may have something to offer since I was 72, and in a much 
deteriorated state of mind and body, when I discovered rejuvenation 
through bodybuilding.  Now I do not see that any particular age can be 
generalized as being "older" if the sense of that word means one whose 
body and mind are slowing down due to accumulation of years.  I would 
prefer to include in "older" one who by virtue of his years of life 
has gained valuable experience.  Such a mature person need not allow 
the advance of years to slow him down either physically or in spirit.

In my own case, at 72, I was "old" in all the wrong ways.  My face
looked old.  My physique had deteriorated into a bent form which 
shuffledalong in walking.  My mind gloried in the "good old days" 
without a thought for living a vibrant life in the present and 
going hard at it for the future.  Actually, my age and prostate 
cancer, buoyed up by the well-meant advice of friends, family and 
physicians, caused me to live solely and inactively in preparation 
for what I thought was immanent death. That all changed when I 
found bodybuilding.

I entered slowly first by working out lightly.  My first trainer, 
a well meaning young man, trained me 'gingerly' seeming to be afraid
that I might break.  Still, he trained me well enough so that I began
to see and feel the improvement which comes through exercise.  In a 
couple of months I was convinced that if I cast away all those 
supposed inhibitions which age is supposed to bring, and train just
as the 'younger men' did, I could really develop the physique of a 
man younger in years and could even compete well in bodybuilding 
contests.  I sought and found a well qualified bodybuilding 
competitor/trainer who would and does train me hard without any
consideration of my years.   

At age 73 I entered my first contest and placed second.  Now, age 
75, I have competed in five contests, in all of which competing w
ith those in their 50s and 50s and have always been in the finals.  
My next contest is this June and I expect there will be other
contests for me this year and every year until my eventual death.

I don't relate this as self-praise.  I do not think my rejuvenation 
need be anything special.  I believe it can be for all who have 
allowed years to 'slow them down'.  I believe that which we see as 
deterioration coming naturally as we grow older need not be accepted 
in any life.  I do not believe that 50 years, or any arbitrarily 
chosen number, is some mystic number of years and that when one 
reaches those "older" years, he must train differently than others 
of less years.  Just as younger men train hard, so must the 'older' 
men.  The human body is a wonderful, miraculous, creation.  It rises 
to meet challenges it is made to face.  This is as true for 'older' 
men as for youth.  If one of any age challenges his body, the body
recovers and develops the ability next time to move higher. Far too
many trainers and 'older' bodybuilders do not give senior
bodies sufficient challenges to overcome.  By challenging my muscles 
to serious improvement, I have returned to the physical condition I 
knew when 35 years ago I was a paratrooper in the vaunted STRAC Force.  
My improvement is no miracle; anyone can achieve it.  Anyone, that is, 
who works diligently and with discipline to be victorious over 
advancing years or illness.
I encourage those of any age to take on a regimen of diet and exercise 
which will prolong vital life.  I encourage and motivate those who at
any age choose to be bodybuilders to enter upon a life of focus, 
dedication, discipline in which they can rise above mediocrity of 
mind and stature and (as the Army slogan goes) "be all they want to be."  
Such a program does not require for those of any age to have 
concessions made for their physical condition.  Demand perfection of 
your body and you will achieve it...at any age.  Shoot for goals which 
society says are impossible "at your age" and you may not reach them, 
but you will go to new and glorious ground.

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