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        FITNESS TIP FOR 12/4/2002

Time Management For Better Workouts
By Chris Hickman

   How many times have you made up your mind to engage in a 
quality exercise program and couldn't quite seem to find the 
time to get to they gym or to exercise at home? Maybe you 
even bought the equipment, purchased an expensive 
membership at your local gym or even hired a very attractive 
personal trainer? And although your intentions were good and 
honorable, you still couldn't keep up the momentum. Well, 
before you hold down your head in shame and simply say 
that you are not cut out for exercising, consider this - you are 
not alone. Millions of people, just like you, have wonderful 
intentions of developing and sticking to exercise programs 
but can't quite seem to live up to them.Making a commitment 
to a quality exercise program is hard work and takes guts, 
commitment and the implementation of effective time 
management skills. In this article, we will openly deal with 
procrastination issues, develop an effective time 
management plan and will help you create a realistic 
exercise schedule that you can stick to!

1. Eliminate all forms of procrastination. Procrastination is 
the number one reason why people fail at implementing 
an effective exercise program. Although they know that 
exercise is good for them, they keep putting it off because 
so-called more important things come up and they just wait 
and wait and wait and never get to it. Therefore, you have 
to be 100% committed to your goals and be the master of 
your own destiny. You have to understand that although 
procrastinating is a part of life, it can be overcome.

2. Set realistic goals. OK, if you're not quite up to shape, is 
it really realistic for you to plan to run 5 miles a day? 
Probably not. You might want to plan to run say 1 mile the 
first and second week and then up it to 2 miles the third 
and fourth weeks and so on. This will not only help you 
build up your self esteem but will also help you reach 
and achieve your short and long term goals.

3. Plan Out Your Exercise Regimen. Decide what type of 
exercise that you want to do before you get started and 
make sure that you have the appropriate equipment. You 
must learn and practice proper exercise form and do the 
exercises that are most appropriate for the types of results 
that you seek. For example, do you want fabulous abs and 
tone or are more interested in gaining muscle mass? 
Well, these are all things that you need to consider before 
you develop your exercise plan. By doing this, you will 
save yourself a tremendous amount of time and energy!

4. Stay Focused and Don't Waste Precious Time. We all 
know that there are good looking people at the gym and 
that you might want to converse with fellow fitness 
enthusiasts. But, remember that now is not the best time 
to do so. You have to set clear limits and adhere to them. 
If you're surrounded by people who want to socialize, you 
tell them, "I'd love to chat but I'm easily distracted and 
must concentrate. Can we talk later?" The key is to be 
truly focused and truly productive during your set-aside 
work out time and you can't get distracted. You must 
remember that you are there for a specific goal-to get in 
shape and feel great! 

5. When Is The Best Time To Exercise? Work Out When You're 
Most Productive. If you're a morning bird, then it makes 
absolutely no sense to try and work out in the wee-hours 
of the night because you will not be your best. In contrast, 
if you're an evening owl, then you shouldn't work out first 
thing in the morning because you'll be too groggy. Schedule
your workouts during your most productive times.

By closely following these proven and effective work out 
tips, you can set and achieve both short and long term 
exercise goals. No longer will you have to feel 
downtrodden because you kept overcoming obstacles 
to your success. Instead, you can and achieve the body 
that you inevitably crave in no time flat.

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