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         FITNESS TIPS FOR 12/18/2002   

The Bent Over One-Arm Dumbbell Row exercise remains one of the 
most effective methods for building thick, dense lat muscles.

Slow, controlled repetitions with the exercise can help your lats 
grow like crazy, assuming that you pay complete attention to every 
detail in your range of motion. Whereas most trainers have used a 
flat bench to perform their One-Arm Dumbbell Rows with, you'll 
now find many hanging onto an incline bench to target various 
parts of the latissimus dorsi.

However, one such variation you may want to perform is twisting 
at the point of contraction. Begin the exercise with the weight 
lowered and your wrist straight so that your knuckles are facing 
in front of you. As you slowly pull the dumbbell in toward your lat, 
slowly twist your hand inward so that your palm is facing your 

As you slowly lower the dumbbell back to the floor, maintaining a 
continual strain on your lat muscles, slowly twist your hand back 
to the position so that your thumb is turned inward and your 
knuckles facing the front of you.

For your lats workout perform four sets of this exercise. After a 
thorough stretch of your arms and back, give the 10-8-6-15 approach 
a try. That's 10 reps in the first set, 8 in the second, 6 in the 
third set, and wrap it up with 15 more reps in the fourth and final 

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