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         FITNESS TIPS FOR 1/29/2003                     

Be 10% Stronger in Leg Curls Instantly!

By Nick Nilsson

This is a trick to be done on a leg curl machine.  By simply
changing where you grip your hands on the machine, you can
increase your strength in the movement by as much as 10%

Lie face down on the bench as you normally would when doing the
exercise.  Instead of gripping the machine on the handles below
the bench with your arms bent, extend your arms straight overhead
in front and grab on to whatever is there. This is generally the
frame on either side of the weight stack. Be aware that this
trick will not work if there is nothing there to grab - some
machines just end at the bench and have the weights stack to the
side or behind.

Do your leg curls as you usually would but using this different
grip.  You should feel stronger when doing them.

One of the best ways to see this principle in action is to do a
set as you normally would with your normal grip for about 10 to
12 reps.  When you can't do any more reps, switch to the grip as
explained above.  You should be able to get a few more reps out.

When using this grip you should also find that you can use a
little more weight than you usually do for reps.

The reason this trick works is that having your arms straight
removes your biceps as the limiting link in the exercise.  It
transfers the force through your stronger back muscles instead,
resulting in instant increased strength!

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